9/ 1/ 2014


Hong Kong Jockey Club relaunches Quartet and adds two new themed venues at Sha Tin Racecourse to enhance racing experience


The Hong Kong Jockey Club today announced two more key initiatives in its drive to promote a total racing entertainment experience for customers, with the relaunch of the Quartet bet and the opening of two new themed venues at Sha Tin Racecourse.


To provide greater choice for customers and fulfil its mission of directing public betting demand from illegal and offshore operators to the legal and regulated channel, the Club will, for the first time in five years, supplement the existing range of single race betting pools by bringing back Quartet, a popular pari-mutuel pool around the world.


The Quartet, to be introduced with effect from Sunday 19 January, challenges customers to select the first four horses in a race in the correct order.  In this respect it complements the First 4, which asks customers to choose the first four horses in any order. This is similar in nature to the relationship between the Tierce (first three in correct order) and the Trio (first three in any order). 


Initially, the Quartet will be offered on two designated races for each meeting as follows:


Race meeting

Quartet races

10-race day meeting

Race 5 and Race 10

11-race day meeting

Race 6 and Race 11

8-race night meeting

Race 5 and Race 8


The Club’s Executive Director, Customer and Marketing Richard Cheung, hosting a press briefing today, explained: “Quartet will provide racing fans with a new experience and the excitement of potentially winning a handsome payout, given the challenging nature of this bet.  It is expected that Quartet will be welcomed by those customers who are interested in targeting higher winning dividends with small stakes.”


Customers can enjoy the additional benefits of Flexi-bet when they place bets on Quartet, allowing them to bet with a minimum unit of HK$1 for a total stake of HK$24 or more.  This gives them the opportunity to pick more horses and increase their chances of winning with the same amount of stake money.  Computer-generated tickets will also be available, as is the case for the Triple Trio.


“The relaunched Quartet will use the latest odds calculation computing technology provided by our partner Longitude, which allows very rapid computation and real-time indicative dividends for such a challenging product,” added Mr Cheung.  “It also lays the foundation for future technological developments for the Club’s betting system as a whole.”


Mr Cheung also announced the opening of two brand new venues, the Hay Market and Wins Cafe, for racing fans’ enjoyment. 


With a seating capacity of 242 people, the Hay Market is the first tailored venue catering to the needs of new generation customers, with the aim of nurturing their racing interest.


“We have experienced great success with our strategic positioning of the Racecourse Master Plan projects.  The Gallery restaurant at Happy Valley has proved to be extremely popular since opening in 2012, and is frequently sold out on race nights, appealing to younger racegoers and the leisure segment.  The Hay Market echoes our strategy to extend this unique racing experience to our Sha Tin racing fans by creating new venues for different sections of the public,” said Mr Cheung.


The project was put together by a group of award winning up-and-coming designers from Hong Kong and Singapore.  The design has creatively utilized the sloping space under the old spectator stand to create a duplex restaurant which resembles a contemporary Victorian style barn house.  There are two private suites on the upper floor overlooking the main dining area with stunning chandeliers and various crafted dining tables and chairs.  It will serve to bring in a new group of customers to the racecourse, and to nurture further their racing interest.  The Club will also deploy the latest mobile technology, including Racing Touch, for customers to enjoy a social racing experience.  And more than a hundred iPad Air devices will be available for use free of charge.


“The Wins Cafe, on the other hand, will feature a nostalgic ambience of a live racing atmosphere by highlighting the best of time in races; a good blend of the 70’s ‘Cha Chan Teng’ that is prestigious and classy,” said Mr Cheung.  


The entire environment has been designed to replicate the 70’s “Cha Chan Teng” decor, catering and mood, which is sure to be attractive to active racing fans who are seeking a different experience.  It provides comfortable seating for a maximum 116 people for a full day of racing, with dedicated TV screen at all tables.  Wins Cafe is reserved for booking by priority Silver cardholders or above. 


Customer bookings for the Hay Market and Wins Cafe will be available starting from January 26 race meeting.



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