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  • Neil Callan
    Age: 39
    Irishman Neil Callan finished runner-up in the UK jockeys' championship in 2005 (151 wins) and 2007 (170 wins). After a fruitless start as an apprentice in Ireland with Kevin Prendergast he moved to Britain and forged successful partnerships with trainers Karl Burke, Kevin Ryan and Michael Jarvis. He first rode in Hong Kong on a short contract in the 2010/11 season and has since established a reputation as a tough competitor. His first full Hong Kong season, 2014/15, yielded 47 wins and fifth place in the jockeys' premiership and he equalled that tally when finishing third in 2016/17.
    UK Champion Apprentice (1999)
    Notable Race Wins Include:
    APQEII Cup (2015 Blazing Speed), Champions & Chater Cup (2014 & 2016 Blazing Speed), Centenary Sprint Cup (2017 Peniaphobia), Hong Kong Classic Mile (2015 Beauty Only), Middle Park Stakes (2005 Amadeus Wolf, 2013 Astaire), Racing Post Trophy (2005 Palace Episode), Nunthorpe Stakes (2009 Borderlescott), Fillies' Mile (2009 Hibaayeb), Premio Roma (2007 Pressing), Grosser Dallmayr-Preis Bayerisches Zuchtrennen (2009 Pressing).
    Hong Kong Career Wins (at start of 2017/18 season):
    187 (win strike rate: 7.69%).

    17/18 Season Up to Race Meeting of 16/06/2018
    Nationality : IRE No. of Wins : 24 Total Rides : 388
    Stakes won : $ 33,869,900 No. of 2nds : 30 Win % : 6.19%
    No. of Wins in past 10 race days : 3 No. of 3rds : 34    
    Avg. JKC points in Past 10 race days : 11.4 No. of 4ths : 31    
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    Body Wt.
    Act. Wt.
    12/05/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 28 ( Win 2 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    64911/14TURFC14003GCHUNG WAH SPIRIT1072C H YipTT1124125
    64701/12TURFC14001GCALIFORNIA WHIP8098A S CruzTT /B/H1152121
    64503/12AWT-12003GDLUCKY DOLLAR4076T P YungTT1185131
    64307/14TURFC14004GMANFUL STAR11048P F Yiu1126123
    64101/14TURFC22005GPEARL FURU10036P O'SullivanTT /B1192130
    09/05/2018  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 10 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    63810/12TURFA16503GYTOP LAURELS10073K L Man1110128
    63602/12TURFA12003GHARRIER JET1070P O'SullivanTT /V1161127
    63503/12TURFA16504GKIRAM3059D E Ferraris1142132
    06/05/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    63105/14TURFB14003GTAKING AIM8078J Moore1233133
    62708/14TURFB14004GNICE KICK2053J SizePC1083128
    62606/14TURFB12004GMY WINNER4057P F YiuB1122133
    62511/12TURFB12004GRUN MOOCHI13052K L Man1103128
    62313/14TURFB14005GXIANG HUANG QI11039K L ManB1154132
    62213/13TURFB16005GLITTLE FANTASY11037K L ManTT /B1208130
    62105/6TURFB1000GRIFFINGPACIFIC MASTER6J MooreTT /B1115129
    02/05/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 18 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 3 )
    62010/10AWT-12003GDBEST STEP6072C FownesTT1106125
    61911/14AWT-16503GDJADE FORTUNE14079K L ManB/H1103133
    61803/14AWT-16504GDNAMJONG INVINCIBLE2053C H YipTT /B1141127
    61503/12AWT-12004GDELITE SPIRIT12054D E FerrarisTT /B1175128
    61403/14AWT-18005GDSEMPITERNAL3040L HoB1277133
    61302/12AWT-12005GDCORRE RAPIDO10030R GibsonB21129124
    29/04/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    61208/14TURFA16002GSERGEANT TITANIUM2093J Size1157132
    61107/14TURFA12002GKEY WITNESS14086A S CruzTT /B1206121
    60906/9TURFA1200G1GPENIAPHOBIA2111A S CruzTT /CP1145126
    60804/8TURFA1600G1GBEAUTY ONLY3123A S CruzTT /H1139126
    60713/14TURFA12003GWONDERFUL JOURNEY2077P F YiuXB1121130
    60610/11TURFA14001GJOLLY BANNER3110P F YiuB1049128
    60309/11TURFA18004GEVER LAUGH3054K L ManTT /B1130127
    25/04/2018  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    60208/12TURFC12003GFANTASTIC FEELING5072D E Ferraris1228128
    60108/12TURFC16504GLITTLE ISLAND1053K L ManCP-/B11030126
    59905/12TURFC12004GPEOPLE'S CHAMPION10050D J HallTT /H1172123
    59804/12TURFC16504GKIRAM12060D E Ferraris1128133
    59612/12TURFC12004GMY BEAR CAT7049D E FerrarisB11064122
    59505/11TURFC16505GDUTCH WINDMILL11036C W ChangTT1047129
    21/04/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 6 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 0 )
    59209/14TURFC+314003GCHUNG WAH SPIRIT14074C H YipTT1120127
    59102/11TURFC+312003GKA YING LEGEND10080T P YungTT11138133
    59012/14TURFC+314004GCARE FREE PRINCE9052K L ManB1156125
    58714/14TURFC+314005GCHARITY KINGDOM13036K L ManB21138129
    58512/14TURFC+310004GPEARLY TREASURE2049W Y So1081126
    15/04/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 6 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 0 )
    57607/12TURFC+312003GSUPER WISE11073C H YipTT /H1098126
    57509/12AWT-12002GDCALIFORNIA WHIP7098A S CruzTT /B/H1144133
    57409/14TURFC+314003GGOD OF DRAGON13076D E Ferraris1025131
    57306/10TURFC+322002GSERGEANT TITANIUM6093J Size1156121
    57214/14TURFC+310003GYVERY LUCKY1074K W Lui1187129
    57113/13TURFC+316004GYSEA PEARL4050J MooreH/XB11058123
    57005/14TURFC+314004GYE MASTER11053K L ManTT /B1133125
    56702/12AWT-12005WSFANTASTIC FABIO5036C H Yip1143129
    56606/7TURFC+31000GRIFFINGYPACIFIC MASTER3J MooreTT1/B11102129
    11/04/2018  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 4 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    56508/12TURFA12003GJOLLY CONVERGENCE2075T P YungTT /CP1081129
    56403/10TURFA16502GLITTERATEUR1091R GibsonCP/H/XB1109128
    56310/12TURFA16503GHAPPY SPIRIT10077K L ManTT /B1110131
    56007/12TURFA12004GGOUTEN OF GARO11051W Y SoTT /H11094125
    55909/12TURFA16504GLITTLE ISLAND5055K L ManCP1038128
    55808/12TURFA12004GGLORIAM2052P F YiuB11192125
    08/04/2018  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 20 ( Win 1 2nd 0 3rd 2 )
    55706/14TURFC14003GCHUNG WAH SPIRIT11074C H YipTT1120127
    55501/10TURFC1600G2GBEAUTY ONLY8120A S CruzTT /H1141123
    55404/8TURFC1200G2GPENIAPHOBIA6111A S CruzTT /CP1145123
    55308/12TURFC18003GNEW ELEGANCE9076F C LorXB1075129
    55203/14AWT-16504GDGO GO WIN2058P F Yiu1193133
    54903/14AWT-18005GDDOUBLE POINT1035C FownesPC21041129
    54808/14TURFC10004GSUNSHINE HOLIDAY2052C W Chang1097127
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