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  • Joao Moreira
    Age: 34
    Brazilian sensation Joao Moreira, known as ''Magic Man'', notched more than 1000 wins in South America. He relocated to Singapore in 2009 and after finishing third in the premiership in that first season he proceeded to dominate the Singapore circuit for four years. He moved to Hong Kong in October 2013 and finished runner-up in the title race that term with 97 wins before clinching a first championship in a record smashing 2014/15 campaign that yielded an all-time high 145 wins - he demolished that record in 2015/16 with 168 wins, and improved again in 2016/17 with 170 wins, 63 more than Zac Purton in second. He has also ridden in Australia, Britain, France, USA, Germany, Japan, Macau, Sweden and the UAE; he partnered Rapper Dragon in 2017 as the horse became the first to win all three legs of the Four-Year-Old Classic Series (Hong Kong Classic Mile, Hong Kong Classic Cup, BMW Hong Kong Derby).
    Three-time Hong Kong Champion Jockey (2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17); LONGINES IJC winner (2012); Japan's World All-Star Jockeys winner (2015), four-time Singapore Champion Jockey (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013); two-time Brazilian Eclipse Award winner (2006/07, 2007/08); fastest 100 in a Hong Kong season (22 February, 2017); Hong Kong record for most wins in a season (170 in 2016/17); most wins in a Hong Kong race day (eight: 5 March, 2017); Singapore record for most wins in a season (206 in 2012); eight wins from eight rides at Kranji (6 September, 2013); eight wins in a day at Cidade Jardim (March, 2006).
    Notable Race Wins Include:
    LONGINES Hong Kong Mile (2014 Able Friend), LONGINES Hong Kong Cup (2014 Designs On Rome), LONGINES Hong Kong Sprint (2015 Peniaphobia), LONGINES Hong Kong Vase (2016 Satono Crown), APQEII Cup (2017 Neorealism), Champions Mile (2015 Able Friend, 2016 Maurice), BMW Hong Kong Derby (2017 Rapper Dragon), Centenary Sprint Cup (2014 Amber Sky), Hong Kong Gold Cup (2014 Military Attack, 2015 Designs On Rome), Queen's Silver Jubilee Cup (2015 Able Friend), Stewards' Cup (2015 Able Friend), Hong Kong Classic Mile (2014 Able Friend, 2017 Rapper Dragon), Hong Kong Classic Cup (2017 Rapper Dragon), Newmarket Handicap (2015 Brazen Beau), Al Quoz Sprint (2014 Amber Sky), Coolmore Stud Stakes (2014 Brazen Beau), Dubai Golden Shaheen (2014 Sterling City), Dubai Turf (2017 Vivlos), Gran Premio Nacional (2006 Eu Tambem).
    Hong Kong Career Wins (at start of 2017/18 season):
    583 (strike rate: 23.57%)
    IJC record:
    2016 - 8th (DH); 2015 - 6th; 2014 - 2nd; 2012 - WON; 2010 - 9th (DH).

    17/18 Season Up to Race Meeting of 10/12/2017
    Nationality : BRZ No. of Wins : 41 Total Rides : 213
    Stakes won : $ 49,737,770 No. of 2nds : 34 Win % : 19.25%
    No. of Wins in past 10 race days : 13 No. of 3rds : 30    
    Avg. JKC points in Past 10 race days : 28.7 No. of 4ths : 15    
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    Body Wt.
    Act. Wt.
    10/12/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 42 ( Win 2 2nd 1 3rd 3 )
    26301/14TURFA16002GTIME TO CELEBRATE8083J Size1061120
    26206/14TURFA14003GTOP BEAUTIFUL4070W Y So1265123
    26103/12TURFA2000G1GNEOREALISM1N HoriXB1131126
    26004/14TURFA1600G1GSEASONS BLOOM5122C S ShumTT1035126
    25905/14TURFA12002GLOCKHEED7088C S Shum1072123
    25807/13TURFA1200G1GTHEWIZARDOFOZ8128J SizeB1171126
    25703/12TURFA2400G1GTOSEN BASIL7H Fujiwara1069126
    25602/9TURFA14001GNOTHINGILIKEMORE4109J SizeB1154125
    25503/14TURFA12003GBRAVO WATCHMAN6079W Y SoTT /V11229132
    25401/14TURFA18003GSERGEANT TITANIUM10078J Size1157131
    06/12/2017  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    25302/12TURFB18002GDINOZZO10098J SizeB1059131
    25208/12TURFB16503GRAZOR QUEST10076C W ChangTT /H1069129
    25105/12TURFB16504GCURLING LUXURY12055Y S TsuiP-1023129
    25002/12TURFB10003GMONEY BOY5067J Size1083119
    24912/12TURFB10004GFISH N' CHIPS10048A Lee1130122
    24804/12TURFB16504GMONEY WINNER5042Y S TsuiB1019116
    24701/12TURFB12003GFAIRY TWINS5072W Y SoTT1189127
    24601/12TURFB12004GINFINITY ENDEAVOUR1058J SizeTT /CP-/P11119131
    24501/12TURFB16505GYOURTHEWONFORME1039F C LorTT1153132
    03/12/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 10 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    24410/14TURFC+314003GTANG FLEMING9073C S ShumTT /B1147128
    24311/12AWT-12002GDLIMITLESS1097C FownesH/P1134125
    24204/14AWT-16504GDFIVE STARS AGENT4044J SizeH/SR1100118
    24105/14TURFC+310003GTHE CREATETH6070K L ManXB1111123
    24005/12AWT-16503GDUNICRON JEWELLERY11061J Size1121116
    23902/12AWT-12004GDBOND ELEGANCE2055J SizeP1073128
    23808/14AWT-18005GDHAPPY FRIENDSHIP7022M J FreedmanTT /B974116
    23603/12AWT-12004GDGLENEALY PRIZE8043P O'Sullivan1252116
    23511/12AWT-12005GDSNOWHOOVES2023D CruzSR/XB1067118
    29/11/2017  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 20 ( Win 1 2nd 0 3rd 2 )
    23403/12TURFA18003GEASY HEDGE1063J SizeTT /B1106117
    23310/12TURFA12003GHAPPY BAO BEI11064Y S TsuiTT /B1175118
    23203/12TURFA12003GMASTER ALBERT8071W Y So1136125
    23109/12TURFA12004GFUNNY BUDDIES8045P O'Sullivan1057119
    23007/12TURFA12005GVICTOR EMPEROR11037C H YipTT1163130
    22901/12TURFA22004GPREMIUM CHAMPION9053C FownesV11106126
    22804/12TURFA12004GHAR HAR HEART5046J Size1094120
    22707/12TURFA16505GFUN MANAGER1032C H YipTT /V1084127
    26/11/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 34 ( Win 1 2nd 1 3rd 4 )
    22601/14TURFC14003GCONTE2061J Size1283116
    22403/12TURFC14002GTIME TO CELEBRATE5081J Size1079118
    22302/12TURFC10002GHOUSE OF FUN9097J SizeTT1242128
    22205/10TURFC16001GEASTERN EXPRESS8099J SizeTT /B1173123
    22103/12AWT-12003GDPAKISTAN BABY9061A S CruzTT /B1034116
    21903/12AWT-12003GDGIDDY GIDDY5061J SizeTT /B1143116
    21803/12TURFC12004GNICE KICK9052J Size1097125
    21704/14TURFC10004GZERO HEDGE8058J Size1097131
    22/11/2017  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 16 ( Win 1 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    21609/12TURFC+316503GRELENTLESS ME1064W Y SoCP1182119
    21504/12TURFC+312003GSTAR OF JOY12066K L ManH/B11073119
    21401/11TURFC+312003GSIR REDALOT7067J Size994123
    21303/12TURFC+316504GDUTCH WINDMILL7042C W ChangTT1056115
    21210/12TURFC+312004GHAPPY HAPPY STAR11060K L ManB1110133
    21108/12TURFC+312004GTHE FULL BLOOM7051C H Yip1079128
    21007/12TURFC+322005GISLAND FLYER4020P F YiuB/XB1097115
    20906/12TURFC+312005GGLORY HORSIE7028M J FreedmanTT /B1247122
    19/11/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 56 ( Win 3 2nd 2 3rd 2 )
    20801/14TURFB12002GBEAT THE CLOCK9099J Size1117133
    20702/13TURFB14003GTOP BEAUTIFUL8069W Y So1276122
    20601/12TURFB1600G2GSEASONS BLOOM9115C S ShumTT1028123
    20505/10TURFB1200G2GTHEWIZARDOFOZ4128J SizeB1186123
    20402/8TURFB2000G2GTIME WARP6110A S CruzTT1239123
    20301/12TURFB18002GDINOZZO1092J SizeB11061129
    20203/14TURFB20003GENSURING3075F C LorB1171128
    20113/14TURFB14004GNOBLE DE LOVE2053F C LorTT /B/H1214129
    20011/14AWT-18004GDCROWN AVENUE11056C H YipV1159129
    19903/14AWT-16505GDWINNINGLI11026A S CruzTT /B1062118
    15/11/2017  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 28 ( Win 0 2nd 4 3rd 1 )
    19802/12TURFC16502GBIG BANG BONG2085J Size1085122
    19703/12TURFC16503GRED MARVEL1080J SizeTT /P-/H1087133
    19602/12TURFC10003GMONEY BOY6065J Size1091118
    19504/12TURFC12004GMANFUL STAR11048P F Yiu1140121
    19402/12TURFC16504GNEVER BETTER1052P O'SullivanV1190125
    19302/12TURFC12004GBOND ELEGANCE10055J SizeP1071128
    19207/12TURFC16505GGOBI STORM8038A S CruzTT /B/H1116131
    19108/12TURFC10005GKIM GLORY4027Y S Tsui1232120
    11/11/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 52 ( Win 2 2nd 4 3rd 1 )
    19002/14TURFA14003GFPING HAI STAR14072J SizeTT1/B11248125
    18903/14TURFA16003GFSERGEANT TITANIUM12076J Size1145131
    18802/14TURFA12003GFBRAVO WATCHMAN6076W Y SoTT1238129
    18701/10TURFA14001GFWESTERN EXPRESS3107J Size1258131
    18607/14TURFA12003GFCALCULATION13079J SizeE1084133
    18502/14TURFA12004GFEIGHTY EIGHTY12052W Y So1121128
    18411/14TURFA14004GFSMART CHARADE12057W Y SoB11140130
    18301/14TURFA16004GFINDIGENOUS STAR3041P F YiuSR1032116
    18208/13TURFA10004GFGOUTEN OF GARO6052W Y SoTT11093125
    18102/14TURFA14005GFTELECOM BOOM7026Y S TsuiB1131120
    05/11/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 34 ( Win 2 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    17204/14TURFC+314002GFBIG BANG BONG3084J Size1083124
    17101/13TURFC+314003GFTIME TO CELEBRATE13075J Size1084128
    17010/13TURFC+318003GFHOME RUN10072Y S TsuiB/H1131125
    16902/14TURFC+31800G3GFTIME WARP4107A S CruzTT1246123
    16806/14TURFC+314004GFGREAT JOY8060D J Hall1024133
    16708/14TURFC+318004GFMIDNITE PROMISE4042F C LorB1001115
    16601/12TURFC+312004GFCONTE12052J Size1279128
    16508/14TURFC+310003GFHARD PROMISE10080A Lee1130133
    16403/12TURFC+312005GFGOLDEN CANNON11023K W LuiB/H/XB953116
    16304/12TURFC+312004RGFLUCKY LUCKY6050C S ShumTT /H1148120