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  • Aged 30, Zac Purton enjoyed his best season in 2012/13, his sixth full campaign in Hong Kong, as he led the premiership for a large portion of the season, only fading late to run second for the second season in succession, with 88 wins. The campaign brought victory in the World Super Jockeys Series in Japan as well as big race wins that included international G1 victories on Ambitious Dragon in the Hong Kong Mile and Military Attack in the Singapore International Airlines Cup. The Australian won the Brisbane jockeys' premiership as an apprentice in 2003, and seeking a fresh challenge, later moved to Sydney where in two season's he came second only to perennial champion, Darren Beadman. His first G1 win came atop Excites in the 2006 Sires' Produce Stakes while Fellowship provided his first Hong Kong G1 victory in the 2010 Stewards' Cup. He clinched a notable Royal Ascot victory in June 2012 as he partnered Little Bridge to success in the G1 King's Stand Stakes. Purton's HK career tally stands at 325.

    13/14 Season Up to Race Meeting of 13/04/2014
    Nationality : AUS No. of Wins : 80 Total Rides : 461
    Stakes won : $ 75,100,563 No. of 2nds : 62 Win % : 17.35%
    No. of Wins in past 10 race days : 13 No. of 3rds : 57    
    No. of 4ths : 43    
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    Body Wt.
    Act. Wt.
    13/04/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 24 ( Win 1 2nd 2 3rd 0 )
    55504/14TURFC14003GFGALLANT TRIUMPH10080A SchutzTT /B1108128
    55402/12TURFC12003GFNUMERO UNO5072T P YungTT /B1181130
    55201/10TURFC22002GFTRAVEL BRAND2089C H YipTT /B/H1047121
    55112/12TURFC12004GFRIBOT LEGACY11052A LeeE11084125
    55002/14TURFC14004GFISLAND GARDEN13056W Y SoTT /B1091130
    54904/14AWT-16505GDTHE ONLY KID5034K W LuiTT /B1115127
    54810/10AWT-16504GDPEARL STAR5045C H YipB11076120
    54704/12AWT-12004GDSMART PLANET4052C S ShumTT /B1001127
    54611/14TURFC14005GKOWLOON EAST KING4029T P YungTT /B1121122
    09/04/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 48 ( Win 4 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    54401/12TURFB10002GFMY NAME IS BOND7084C Fownes1047120
    54304/12TURFB16503GFROYAL PARTNER3077C FownesTT1080130
    54201/12TURFB16503GFFORMULA WON7066C FownesTT1053121
    54104/12TURFB18004GFROBUST MOMENTUM8051C FownesB1192124
    54001/12TURFB16504SGFLUCKY HAMMER10060C H YipTT /B11070133
    53904/12TURFB12003GFSPEEDYGONZALEZ8074C FownesTT /B/H1119132
    53807/12TURFB18005GMOBILE KING7035C Fownes1063128
    53701/12TURFB12004GYAT DING WIN3050P F YiuTT1225124
    06/04/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 10 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    53605/13TURFB+216002GYCHATER DREAM9092D E Ferraris1089128
    53508/13TURFB+212003GYKA YING KID6068T P YungB/XB1033123
    53402/11TURFB+216003GYSUPREME ESSENCE6070C W ChangTT /B-1033124
    53206/14TURFB+216004GYWIN IT1050W Y SoCP969123
    53106/14TURFB+214004GBRIGHT CONCEPT2047C W ChangB1180123
    53005/14TURFB+212004GMARK TWO1052T P YungTT /CP-1139125
    52903/5TURFB+21600HKG2GPLEASURE GAINS1099K L Man1198123
    52806/14TURFB+210004GGRASSLAND DRAGON9052C H YipH11141125
    52710/14TURFB+212005GKOWLOON EAST KING10031T P YungTT /B1139126
    02/04/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 28 ( Win 2 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    52509/12TURFA12003GYLONDON WALK1071P F Yiu1095124
    52403/9TURFA10003GYFUN 'N' GAMES1069C FownesB/H1058124
    52301/12TURFA16504GYGUN PIT5052C Fownes1099125
    52208/12TURFA12004GYVICTORY GENERAL4050C FownesXB-/B1094123
    52101/10TURFA10004GYDOUBLE MASTER1051C S ShumTT /XB/B11052124
    52004/12TURFA16505GYNO TIES1039C S ShumB1125133
    51911/12TURFA10005GYSLEDGE HAMMER4034C S ShumTT /B1203127
    30/03/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 36 ( Win 2 2nd 2 3rd 0 )
    51801/14TURFA+314003GPACKING LLAREGYB7072A SchutzH/SR/XB1098127
    51713/13TURFA+312003GGLORY OF LONGWAH9073C W ChangTT1/SR11160122
    51607/10TURFA+316003GREAL GENEROUS4076C H Yip1113132
    51506/8TURFA+312002GTWIN DELIGHT9084C Fownes1079122
    51409/14TURFA+314004GLORD DRAGON13049C FownesTT1137122
    51306/12TURFA+320004GGOLDEN SCALPEL2054K L ManV11055128
    51202/12TURFA+316004GKISSMET7049L HoB1054125
    51001/14TURFA+312004GGENTILIS1055C H YipTT /H1070128
    50902/14TURFA+316005GBAMBOO DANCE1031D J HallB1162124
    26/03/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 22 ( Win 1 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    50810/13AWT-16502GDRACING HERO14087W Y SoTT /B1195124
    50706/12AWT-12003GDGO GO WIN2071P F YiuH-/B11113128
    50609/14AWT-18003GDRIYADH6065C W ChangB-/PC21076120
    50401/14AWT-16504GDWINNER'S DELIGHT1047C S ShumTT /B11095120
    50306/12AWT-12004GDCOSTA DEL SOL7057C H YipTT /B21200131
    50203/12AWT-12004GDKING DERBY2053C S ShumB1059126
    50102/12AWT-12005GDFIERY RAIDER10036W Y SoP1048129
    23/03/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 16 ( Win 0 2nd 2 3rd 1 )
    50005/14TURFC+314003GSTAY AHEAD12070W Y SoTT /H1145124
    49902/14TURFC+314002GDUNDONNELL8098P F Yiu1176126
    49811/14TURFC+316003GARCHIPPUS13069L HoB1098127
    49709/14TURFC+310003GBERLINSKI4075D J HallCP1151130
    49602/14TURFC+314004GISLAND GARDEN12054W Y SoTT /B1095129
    49507/14TURFC+310004GKING BROTHER9052K L Man1091127
    49405/14TURFC+318005GOPTIMIZATION STAR6035D J HallCP11081128
    49303/11TURFC+316004GGUN PIT7052C Fownes1125127
    49205/12TURFC+312004GGIDEON3053P O'Sullivan1145126
    49107/14TURFC+314005GAFRICA LIGHT9038T P YungTT /B1086131
    49006/8TURFC+31000GRIFFINGSENSIBLE CHOICE6T P YungTT11065129
    19/03/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 30 ( Win 2 2nd 1 3rd 0 )
    48812/12TURFC16503GGRAND ELITE6069C FownesTT1033122
    48701/12TURFC12003GCOUR VALANT2071C H Yip1051125
    48602/12TURFC18004GGOLDEN SCALPEL4052K L Man1080125
    48504/12TURFC12004GLOVELY BOY11057C FownesTT1073132
    48401/10TURFC12003SGMR GINGER2068C FownesTT /B1189121
    48308/12TURFC16504GKIDS AND WIN4045A SchutzTT1030119
    48207/12TURFC12005GGRACYTOM4024W Y SoB1049119
    16/03/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 26 ( Win 1 2nd 1 3rd 2 )
    48013/14TURFA18003GFANTASTIC KAKA6066L HoH1065121
    47903/14TURFA2000HKG1GDIBAYANI14097C W ChangTT /H/SR984126
    47603/14TURFA14003GGALLANT TRIUMPH12078A SchutzTT /B1115133
    47502/14TURFA16004GINDUSTRIALIST WAY4051C H YipTT1167124
    47301/13TURFA12004GNUMERO UNO3058T P YungTT /B11164131
    47204/14TURFA16005GTHE ONLY KID1035K W LuiTT /B1118129
    12/03/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 20 ( Win 1 2nd 0 3rd 2 )
    47106/12TURFB16503GWRATH OF FIRE9077D Cruz1077131
    47003/12TURFB10003GGENERAL IRON7069C S ShumTT /CP11135124
    46901/12TURFB12003GSPEEDYGONZALEZ1066C FownesTT /B/H1132122
    46805/12TURFB12004GVICTORY GENERAL9051C FownesB/XB1093125
    46704/12TURFB16504GYOUNG TALENT11056C FownesTT /B1114132
    46610/11TURFB16504GBORN TO WIN4058C FownesTT /B/H1036133
    46403/12TURFB16505GCASA JUNIOR12033T K Ng1074126