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  • Aged 31, Zac Purton ended Douglas Whyte's 13-season dominance when claiming his first HK jockeys' championship in 2013/14 with 112 wins. He raced to the fastest ever 50 in HK history that season and became only the second rider, after Whyte, to ride 100 winners in a season. He had finished runner-up in 2011/12 and 2012/13, fading late on after leading for much of the latter campaign. He won the World Super Jockeys Series in Japan in December, 2012, and his international G1 wins include the King's Stand Stakes (2012 Little Bridge), the Hong Kong Mile (2012 Ambitious Dragon), the Singapore International Airlines Cup (2013 Military Attack), the Hong Kong Vase (2013 Dominant) and the Doncaster Mile (2014 Sacred Falls). The Australian won the Brisbane jockeys' premiership as an apprentice in 2003, and seeking a fresh challenge, later moved to Sydney where in two season's he came second only to perennial champion, Darren Beadman. His first G1 win came atop Excites in the 2006 Sires' Produce Stakes while Fellowship provided his first Hong Kong G1 victory in the 2010 Stewards' Cup. Purton's HK career tally stands at 437.

    14/15 Season Up to Race Meeting of 29/10/2014
    Nationality : AUS No. of Wins : 20 Total Rides : 108
    Stakes won : $ 19,862,100 No. of 2nds : 17 Win % : 18.52%
    No. of Wins in past 10 race days : 16 No. of 3rds : 11    
    No. of 4ths : 9    
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    Body Wt.
    Act. Wt.
    29/10/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 18 ( Win 1 2nd 1 3rd 0 )
    12908/12TURFC12002GMASTER KOCHANWONG2088D J HallTT /CP1063125
    12801/12TURFC12003GCHOICE TREASURE2071C H YipB1126124
    12706/12TURFC16503GSTARTING OVER9073C FownesTT999130
    12604/12TURFC12003GMETALLIC STAR4071C H YipTT /H967124
    12506/12TURFC18004GDUAL HAPPY3056K L ManB1008130
    12408/12TURFC12004GMERIDIAN TREASURE5058W Y SoB1103132
    12306/12TURFC10004GGREAT TOPLIGHT6052C FownesTT11061126
    12202/12TURFC12005GHAPPY HOMING11037K W LuiTT1/B21076130
    26/10/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 68 ( Win 5 2nd 0 3rd 2 )
    12101/12TURFB+216002GFPACKING LLAREGYB11089A SchutzH/SR/XB1111120
    12006/14TURFB+214003GFINCREDIBLE FELLOW6066R GibsonB1184120
    11901/14TURFB+21600HKG2GFMILITARY ATTACK4129C FownesH/SR1058133
    11801/11TURFB+21200HKG2GFAEROVELOCITY9113P O'SullivanTT /B1197122
    11703/14TURFB+216004GFHEAVENISARACEHORSE4057A SchutzCO-/H-/SR-1084130
    11601/14TURFB+212003GFLANG TAI SING9078K L ManB11073131
    11401/12TURFB+220003GFWAYFOONG EXPRESS6082R GibsonB1006130
    11311/14TURFB+214005GFLA COTE DE BLEU12031P O'SullivanTT /B1118124
    11203/14TURFB+212004GWHY WHY13059W Y SoB11151132
    11108/14TURFB+210004RGLINE SEEKER5052P O'Sullivan1087122
    22/10/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 22 ( Win 1 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    10903/10TURFB16503GYROYAL PARTNER10080C FownesTT1069133
    10801/11TURFB16503GJAEGER BOMB1069C Fownes1102122
    10702/12TURFB12004GJADE PIPPO1045Y S TsuiH/V/XB1063120
    10310/11TURFB10005GGRACYTOM6029P O'SullivanB1023122
    19/10/2014  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 28 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    10203/12TURFA12002GFMY NAME IS BOND6096C Fownes1090125
    10101/12TURFA18002GFPLEASURE GAINS6104K L Man1204133
    10002/11TURFA16503GFSTARTING OVER10073C FownesTT993127
    9802/12TURFA10003GFPRECISION KING6084T P YungP1146132
    9705/12TURFA16504GFKOKODA5060K L ManB/SR1093133
    9606/12TURFA12004GFFAMILY INTERESTS8054C Fownes1172127
    9507/12TURFA18004GFHEI HEI POSH6054C S ShumTT /B1160129
    9408/12TURFA12004GFJETSO DELIGHT7052C Fownes1115125
    9306/12TURFA16505GFFLORAL MAN2036C S ShumTT /B1172129
    15/10/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 16 ( Win 1 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    9207/14AWT-16502GDCHATER DREAM5088D E Ferraris1097125
    9106/12AWT-12003GDKING DERBY5075C S ShumB1085128
    9003/11AWT-18003GDSUPREME FRESH5065W Y So1148120
    8707/14AWT-16505GDSWEET BEAN6037C FownesTT1/B/H989130
    8605/10AWT-16504GDROCK THE TREE4054D E Ferraris1043129
    8501/9AWT-12005GDSLEDGE HAMMER1039C S ShumTT /P1194133
    12/10/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 46 ( Win 3 2nd 1 3rd 1 )
    8401/14TURFA+314002GFDIVINE CALLING1094A T MillardB11169125
    8301/14TURFA+314003GFBIG FOUR12070C W ChangH1092125
    8207/14TURFA+316003GFFORGIVE AND FORGET4068C W ChangB1032121
    8112/13TURFA+310003GFFANTASTICO9071P F YiuB1092128
    8008/14TURFA+314004GFMARK TWO11050T P YungTT /H1149123
    7903/14TURFA+316004GFDUAL HAPPY14056K L ManB1010129
    7801/14TURFA+312004GFSTAR TRACK5055P O'Sullivan1226128
    7709/14TURFA+310004GFMIGHTY WONGCHOY1056A Schutz1143129
    7602/11TURFA+312005GFSPARKLING SWORD2039K W LuiTT1/B/H1118133
    08/10/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 24 ( Win 0 2nd 4 3rd 0 )
    7411/12AWT-12003GDFABULOUS NOVEMBER11082R GibsonCP1114120
    7302/12AWT-12003GDCALLING WITH LOVE12074C FownesB/H1111128
    7212/12AWT-12004GDJOYEUX7051C Fownes1141124
    7102/14AWT-16504GDEXPEDITE1060P O'SullivanH/P/XB1092133
    7002/14TURFA+314005GFLA COTE DE BLEU1030P O'SullivanTT /B1113123
    6908/10AWT-16503GDWINNING INSTINCT2078C W ChangB1089133
    6804/13TURFA+312004GFHAPPY CHAMPION2060K L ManTT1106133
    6702/8AWT-12005GDSLEDGE HAMMER5037C S ShumTT /P1188127
    05/10/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 24 ( Win 1 2nd 0 3rd 3 )
    6606/13TURFA16003GFARCHIPPUS5069L HoB/H1126122
    6507/14TURFA12003GFNEW STAMINA14067P O'SullivanB11194123
    6403/13TURFA12002GFBERLINSKI4092D J HallCP1164125
    6204/14TURFA14004GFSENSATION10058T P YungH1169131
    6107/12TURFA18004GFHEI HEI POSH12054C S ShumTT /B1178127
    6010/14TURFA12004GFSOUTHCHINA COMMAND10048C Fownes1109123
    5901/10TURFA14003GFUNIVERSAL UNION4070T P Yung1199124
    5803/10TURFA16005GFMONEY CAFE5038C H YipTT /B11092132
    5703/10TURFA12005GFTRAVEL MASTER4037W Y SoTT /H1132131
    01/10/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 32 ( Win 2 2nd 0 3rd 2 )
    5603/14TURFC+316002GFPACKING LLAREGYB12089A SchutzH/SR/XB1108124
    5501/14TURFC+314003GFBRILLIANT SHINE4074C H YipTT /XB-1059130
    5403/12TURFC+312003GFGOLDEN DEER7077T P YungB1091133
    5208/10TURFC+316004GFTELECOM PRINCE8055C S Shum1031128
    5109/12TURFC+312004GFCOSTA DEL SOL1047C H YipTT /B1219121
    4909/9TURFC+318003GFAGIAAL3075A SchutzCP1064130
    4701/10TURFC+310004GFINCREDIBLE FELLOW8059R GibsonB1188133
    27/09/2014  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 24 ( Win 1 2nd 2 3rd 0 )
    4612/12AWT-12002GDBEAR HERO8093D E FerrarisTT1133123
    4401/14TURFC10003GFSKY MAN2067P F Yiu1125120
    4206/14TURFC14004GFMAGICAL BEAM1055A Schutz1060130
    4102/14TURFC14004GFMARK TWO13049T P YungTT /H1131124
    4005/14TURFC16005GFFLYING IN3039K L ManCP1078133
    3702/13TURFC10004GFWHISTLE BLOWER3046P O'SullivanTT /B1174121