Race Meeting: 10/12/2006  Sha Tin


RACE 3(221)
HK$ 14,000,000.00
 Race Replay   
Going : Good To Firm
Course : Turf - "A" Course
Race Time : (25.60)(49.30)(1.14.00)(1.38.50)(2.03.10)(2.27.10)
Sectional Time : 25.6023.7024.7024.5024.6024.00

Horse No.
Actual Wt.
Horse Wt.
Win Odds
1 2COLLIER HILL (H618) D McKeown G A Swinbank 126103992.27.1012
2 7KASTORIA (H621) M Kinane J M Oxx 12210551NOSE
3 8SHAMDALA (G625) C Soumillon de Royer Dupre12297821  2.27.2012
4 9SONG OF WIND (H623) K Take H Asami 121103051-3/4  2.27.304.5
5 1MARAAHEL (G601) R Hills Sir M R Stoute126100883-1/4  2.27.6011
6 3EGERTON (H619) T Mundry P Rau 126109064-3/4  2.27.8057
7 4SCORPION (H620) J Heffernan A P O'Brien 126105245-3/4
8 10ADMIRE MAIN (H622) Y Take M Hashida 1211097313-1/4
9 5SATURN (CD154) D Nikolic C Fownes 1261085720  2.30.2022
WV 6OUIJA BOARD (G615) L Dettori E A L Dunlop 1221028--- ---   --- ---
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Winning Combination
Dividend (HK$)
WIN2 120.50
PLACE2 45.00
7 30.00
8 39.50
QUINELLA2,7 471.50
2,8 187.00
7,8 90.00
TIERCE2,7,8 8,092.00
TRIO2,7,8 1,089.00
FIRST 42,7,8,9 933.00
2ND DOUBLE14/2 1,004.00
14/7 104.00
Race Running Position Photos

Racing Incident Report
OUIJA BOARD was withdrawn on 9.12.06 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (lame left fore). When being saddled, ADMIRE MAIN lost a tooth. The horse was examined by the Veterinary Officer who said in his opinion it was suitable to race. MARAAHEL began awkwardly. In the early stages, SATURN proved difficult to settle and on a number of occasions got its head up. At the 1700 Metres, SHAMDALA became unbalanced when momentarily crowded inside the heels of MARAAHEL. On straightening, KASTORIA was checked when crowded for room between SCORPION which was carried out slightly by ADMIRE MAIN which made the Home Turn awkwardly and shifted ground and SHAMDALA which was racing tight inside SONG OF WIND. In the circumstances, no action was taken. After this KASTORIA was steadied and shifted out to obtain clear running. At the 250 Metres, ADMIRE MAIN, which was giving ground, was checked when crowded for room inside SCORPION (J Heffernan) which got its head on the side and shifted in away from SATURN. At the same time, SATURN, which was also giving ground, was steadied away from the heels of EGERTON (T Mundry) which shifted in when not properly clear. Both J Heffernan and T Mundry were advised to exercise care. Over about the final 150 Metres, COLLIER HILL got its head on the side, raced ungenerously and shifted out. When questioned regarding the poor performance of ADMIRE MAIN, Y Take said the horse travelled comfortably in the lead as is usual, however, when he asked the horse to quicken at the 600 Metres which is also usual the horse failed to respond. He was unable to offer any explanation for the performance of ADMIRE MAIN. ADMIRE MAIN was sent for clinical veterinary inspection and sampling. A veterinary inspection of ADMIRE MAIN after the race did not show any significant findings. SCORPION was sent for an official veterinary inspection. After the race, SCORPION was examined by the Veterinary Officer. He said there were no significant findings other than the horse had lost its right hind plate. COLLIER HILL and KASTORIA were sent for sampling.
Additional Veterinary Reports (released on 11 December 2006)
The Senior Veterinary Officer reported that SONG OF WIND was this morning found to have an injury to the right front tendon.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
Sire: Dr Devious
Dam: Polar Queen

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