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13/12/2017 Race Meeting > Race Card

Race 5
Wednesday, December 13, 2017, Happy Valley, 21:15 Prize Money: $880,000.00, Rating: 60-40, Class 4
Turf, "C" Course, 1650m, Good  

No.HorseHorse Wt.(Declaration)Wt.Rtg.AgeLast 6 RunsTrainerGear
1MI BLANCO10991184346/7/10/10/6A T MillardV/TT1 
2MULTIGOGO11291265141/6/3/3/5/4A S CruzH/TT 

B : Blinkers BO : Blinker with one cowl only E : Ear Plugs H : Hood
P : Pacifier PC : Pacifier with cowls PS : Pacifier with 1 cowl SR : Shadow Roll
SW : Side Winkers TT : Tongue Tie V : Visor SB: Sheepskin Browband
SO: Side Winker 1 side "1" : First time "2" : Replaced "-" : Removed
CC: Cornell Collar XB: Crossed Nose Band        
  1. "Horse Wt. (Declaration)" : Horse weight on two days before the race day
  2. "Wt.+/- (vs Declaration)" : The changes in horse weight (Declaration); Starters and stand-by starters are all included in the comparisons
  3. "Stakes Won" : Stakes acquired in current racing season
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