Race Meeting: 16/12/2001  Sha Tin


RACE 7(243)
HK$ 14,000,000.00
 Race Replay   
Going : Good To Firm
Course : Turf - "A" Course
Race Time : (25.10)(47.90)(1.11.70)(1.34.80)
Sectional Time : 25.1022.8023.8023.10

Horse No.
Actual Wt.
Horse Wt.
Win Odds
1 3EISHIN PRESTON (CB616) Y Fukunaga S Kitahashi 1261022131.34.8024
2 4ELECTRONIC UNICORN (BT092) R Fradd J Size 126107243-1/4  1.35.304.7
3 2CHINA VISIT (CB612) L Dettori S bin Suroor 126116614-1/4  1.35.5013
4 5FORBIDDEN APPLE (CA604) C Nakatani C Clement 126117894-3/4  1.35.605.4
5 9SHOGUN LODGE (CA608) S Dye R H Thomsen 126110575  1.35.6015
6 7RED PEPPER (CA196) G Mosse P C Kan 126102365-1/4  1.35.7047
7 1CHARMING CITY (BT182) B Marcus D A Hayes 126109286  1.35.7080
8 10SHOW A HEART (CB615) G Boss B Miller 1261153106  1.35.8092
9 14PROUDWINGS (CB610) Y Take R Suerland 123995126-1/4  1.35.8042
10 11SUPER MOLLY (CA043) D Oliver D A Hayes 126106227  1.35.9067
11 12TOUGH SPEED (CB611) J Murtagh Sir M R Stoute126116439-1/2  1.36.3049
12 8RED SUN (CA046) F Coetzee A S Cruz 12611211110  1.36.4058
13 6MOUNT ABU (CB609) J Fortune J H M Gosden 1269921410-1/4  1.36.4099
14 13ZENNO EL CID (CB614) O Peslier K Fujisawa 1261069513-1/2  1.36.902
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Winning Combination
Dividend (HK$)
WIN3 248.50
PLACE3 56.00
4 19.50
2 33.00
QUINELLA3,4 445.00
2,3 258.00
2,4 68.50
TIERCE3,4,2 9,463.00
TRIO2,3,4 1,143.00
6TH DOUBLE2/3 1,331.00
2/4 64.50
2ND DOUBLE TRIO2,12,14/2,3,4 27,453.00
Racing Incident Report
At about 1:45 pm, it was reported that ELECTRONIC UNICORN had spread its near side front plate. The plate was removed and then refitted. No abnormalities were detected. RED PEPPER left the gates very awkwardly. Just after the start, EISHIN PRESTON and PROUDWINGS came together. ELECTRONIC UNICORN missed the start slightly. In the early and middle stages, SHOW A HEART proved very difficult to settle and over-raced, several times got its head up when close to the heels of TOUGH SPEED. Near the 400 Metres, PROUDWINGS got its head up when momentarily awkward on the heels of FORBIDDEN APPLE. Near the 300 Metres, TOUGH SPEED, MOUNT ABU and RED PEPPER were momentarily crowded for room between PROUDWINGS which shifted in after being crossed by FORBIDDEN APPLE and SHOW A HEART which shifted out slightly No action was considered necessary. C Nakatani (FORBIDDEN APPLE) was found guilty of a charge of careless riding [Rule 100(1)]. The careless riding being that he permitted his mount to shift out whilst riding it along at about the 300 Metres. As a consequence of this, PROUDWINGS was steadied and shifted in abruptly and RED SUN lost running to which it was rightfully entitled and was checked severely. After taking into account all the circumstances, it was decided that the appropriate penalty in this case was that C Nakatani be suspended from riding in races for a period to expire on Thursday 10 January 2002 on which day he may resume race riding (5 Hong Kong race days). The commencement of the suspension was deferred until after midnight Monday 17 December 2001, Western United States time. The demeanour and attitude of C Nakatani in the early stages of the inquiry was considered by the Stewards to be unacceptable. Towards the conclusion of the matter, however, he did offer his apologies to the Stewards for this which were accepted. Subsequent to the inquiry, Y Take (PROUDWINGS) was told his attitude and evidence during the course of the inquiry had caused considerable concern and he was also told if he is to ride in Hong Kong again, this must improve. O Peslier (ZENNO EL CID) was unable to offer any explanation for the disappointing run of the horse. He said ZENNO EL CID travelled satisfactorily in a forward position until about the 600 Metres, but shortly thereafter when put under pressure did not respond and dropped out. He said so far as he was concerned the horse had gone into today's race doing well and it was anticipated it would run well. He said he had not ridden the horse on the track in Hong Kong, however, this is not unusual as he rarely rides it work in Japan. He did go on to say the last time it ran in Japan it was a hard run and maybe the horse had taken some effect from that. ZENNO EL CID was sent for clinical veterinary examination and testing.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
Sire: Green Dancer
Dam: Warranty Applied

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