Race Meeting: 21/04/2002  Sha Tin


RACE 8(533)
HK$ 14,000,000.00
 Race Replay   
Going : Good
Course : Turf - "A" Course
Race Time : (25.90)(50.10)(1.15.20)(1.39.90)(2.02.50)
Sectional Time : 25.9024.2025.1024.7022.60

Horse No.
Actual Wt.
Horse Wt.
Win Odds
1 3EISHIN PRESTON (CB616) Y Fukunaga S Kitahashi 126103352.02.504.6
2 1AGNES DIGITAL (CB602) H Shii T Shirai 126990131/2  2.02.605.9
3 7INDIGENOUS (BP103) F Coetzee I W Allan 1261063123/4  2.02.7099
4 13UNIVERSAL PRINCE (CB631) J Sheehan E B Murray 126105331-1/2  2.02.8011
5 4GRANDERA (CB628) L Dettori S bin Suroor 1261038102-1/2  2.02.902.1
6 2CHEERS HONG KONG (CA172) D Whyte I W Allan 126102093  2.03.0067
7 10PRECISION (CA209) H K Yim D Oughton 126111763-1/2  2.03.1085
8 9OLYMPIC EXPRESS (CB094) W C Marwing I W Allan 126105514-1/2  2.03.307.4
9 14LETHALS LADY (CB629) D Bonilla R Collet 12397474-3/4  2.03.3092
10 8OKAWANGO (CB630) O Doleuze C Head-Maarek 12695028-1/2  2.03.9019
11 12REBEL LEADER (BV159) E Legrix G Lane 1261142810-1/2  2.04.2099
12 11RAINBOW AND GOLD (CA024) G Mosse P C Kan 1261055411-1/2  2.04.4066
13 5HELENE VITALITY (CA030) D Dunn D A Hayes 1269951413-1/4  2.04.6059
14 6IDOL (BV313) C Williams D Oughton 12611201114  2.04.8099
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Winning Combination
Dividend (HK$)
WIN3 46.50
PLACE3 23.00
1 23.00
7 154.00
QUINELLA1,3 122.50
3,7 669.50
1,7 619.50
TIERCE3,1,7 11,308.00
TRIO1,3,7 3,221.00
7TH DOUBLE7/3 128.00
7/1 38.00
Racing Incident Report
Before being presented in the parade, an adjustment was made to the near side front plate of OKAWANGO. Whilst parading, GRANDERA kicked out and made contact with a rail. After arriving at the Start, GRANDERA was examined by the Veterinary Surgeon who was unable to find any abnormalities and following the necessary consultations GRANDERA was reported to be suitable to race. GRANDERA, which was restless in the stalls, missed the start. RAINBOW AND GOLD came out awkwardly, just after the start was checked when crowded between UNIVERSAL PRINCE and EISHIN PRESTON which shifted in abruptly after making contact with PRECISION. Turning out of the Straight the first time, REBEL LEADER shifted out away from EISHIN PRESTON, in doing so bumped GRANDERA. Some inconvenience was caused to INDIGENOUS which was following. About the 1600 Metres, REBEL LEADER was checked when crowded by GRANDERA (L Dettori) which shifted across to race beside AGNES DIGITAL. It was decided no direct action was taken, but L Dettori was reprimanded and told he must exercise far more care. About the 1200 Metres, LETHALS LADY became unbalanced when unable to find running between CHEERS HONG KONG and PRECISION. About the 400 Metres, LETHALS LADY was steadied when disappointed for running between OLYMPIC EXPRESS and HELENE VITALITY which when weakening shifted in. Then approaching the 200 Metres, LETHALS LADY was shifted out abruptly to avoid OKAWANGO. About 100 Metres out, REBEL LEADER became unbalanced and dipped. After this the horse was not ridden out to the line. GRANDERA was sent for clinical veterinary examination and testing. After the race, the Veterinary Surgeon said he had REBEL LEADER trotted up. The horse appeared to be sound. An endoscopic examination was carried out. This failed to reveal any abnormalities and the horse was not showing any signs of a heart irregularity. Before being allowed to race again, REBEL LEADER will be required to pass an official veterinary examination.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
Sire: Green Dancer
Dam: Warranty Applied

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