2016/2017 PP Pre-import Performance
Brand No. HK Name Former Name Notes Video
A001 BURST AWAY Burst Away (AUS)    
A002 PRAWN BABA Get The Dukes Out (AUS)    
A003 WHO DAT SINGA Who Dat Singa (NZ) 2.4.2016 MELVISTA S. - 3yo c&g
Ascot, WA, AUS
2200M 1st / 8 +1.75L
A004 THE JAZZ Hendrix (NZ)    
A021 LUCKY DOLLAR The States (AUS) 9.1.2016 BM 64 hcp
Kilmore, VIC, AUS
1200M 1st / 7 +1.3L
A022 MOST BEAUTIFUL London Line (AUS) 7.11.2015 FAIRETHA S. - 3yo c&g
Ascot, WA, AUS
1400M 1st / 11 +0.45L
A023 APPLAUSE Count de Vega (AUS)    
A024 KEEN VENTURE Tulsa (AUS)    
A025 WINNER'S WAY Day Of Rest (AUS)    
A036 ELUSIVE STATE Elusive State (AUS) 11.06.2016 2yo SW&P
Te Rapa, NZ
1200M 1st / 9 +0.3L
A037 BIG FLASH He Kin Fly (NZ) 14.05.16 BM 65
Arawa Park, NZ
1400M 1st / 14 +0.2L
A038 HERE WE COME Hebden (AUS)    
A039 MORETHANLUCKY Morethanlucky (NZ) 09.06.2016 2yo+ mdn
Pukekura, NZ
1100M 1st / 12 +0.8L
A040 JADE THEATRE Gasoline (AUS) 26.12.2016 2yo SW&P
Ellerslie, NZ
1100M 1st / 8 +2.3L
A041 CIRCUIT HASSLER The Hassler (NZ) 23.04.2016 CHAMPIONSHIP S. - 3yo
Ellerslie, NZ
2100M 1st / 14 +1.3L
A042 SWISS WARRIOR Swiss Warrior (NZ) 02.03.2016 3yo+ BM 65
Hastings, NZ
1200M 1st / 7 +0.4L
A065 SANGRIA Money Maker (SPA)    
A066 TIME WARP Time Warp (GB)    
A067 TANG FLEMING Ian Fleming (GB)    
A071 FLYING QUEST Flying Quest (NZ) 02.04.2016 3yo SW&P
Awapuni, NZ
1200M 1st / 7 +0.8L
A072 LUCKY WAN FENG Parallel Universe (NZ) 28.05.2016 Bm 65
Ellerslie, NZ
1200M 1st / 14 +2.3L
A073 SUPREME PRIDE Standing In Line (AUS) 08.05.2016 Bm 65
Wanganui, NZ
1600M 1st / 12 +1L
A074 WINNING VANGOGH He's An Ace (NZ) 28.12.2015 Bm 65
Ellerslie, NZ
1200M 1st / 11 +0.2L
A089 GLORIOUS PARTNERS Rocky Boomboa (AUS) 2.1.2016 3yo SW&P
Moonee Valley, VIC, AUS
1200M 1st / 9 +0.8L
A090 WESTERN EXPRESS Cardless Cash (AUS)    
A091 RODRICO Rodrico (AUS) 11.6.2016 QUEENSLAND DERBY - 3yo
Eagle Farm, QLD, AUS
2400M 2nd / 18 -1.8L
A092 ROMAN ODYSSEY Roman Odyssey (AUS) 23.3.2016 3yo+ BM 71 hcp
Kembla Grange, NSW, AUS
1300M 1st / 13 +0.1L
A093 EAGLE WAY Eagle Way (AUS)    
A094 PRIMERO Kamacite (AUS) 28.5.2016 QUEENSLAND DAY S. - 3yo
Doomben, QLD, AUS
1200M 1st / 9 +0.1L
A095 GREEN ENERGY Vanderkemp (NZ) 17.4.2016 Cl.2 hcp
Wyong, NSW, AUS
1100M 1st / 7 +0.2L
A096 WHOOP WHOOP Whoop Whoop (NZ)    
A097 KING MORTAR The Mob (AUS)    
A098 MONGOLIAN KING War Pig (NZ) 22.5.2016 hcp
Nowra, NSW, AUS
1600M 1st / 11 +4.3L
A099 DELIGHT EXPRESS Torelli (NZ) 2.6.2016 BM 64 hcp
Bendigo, VIC, AUS
1600M 1st / 12 +2L
A100 SUPER WISE Southerly Wind (AUS)    
A108 GEORGE PATTON George Patton (USA)    
A109 GOLD LAND Smuggler's Moon (GB)    
A110 EXPERTO CREDE Experto Crede (IRE)    
A111 ISTANBUL BEY Istanbul Bey (GB)    
A112 GOLD MOUNT Primitivo (GB)    
A113 BOOMING DELIGHT Out And About (IRE)    
A114 CALIFORNIA WHIP Chief Whip (USA)    
A115 LIMITLESS Defrocked (IRE)    
A116 AGREE Zebedaios (IRE)    
A118 BULLISH GLORY Biz Heart (IRE)    
A119 NASSA Nassa (SAF)    
A120 WINWIN RUBY Pluck That (NZ) 16.7.2016 2yo SW&P
Te Rapa, NZ
1100M 1st / 7 +4.3L
A129 HELENE CHARISMA Mont Ormel (FR)    
A130 SUNSHINE UNIVERSE Pretty Vacant (GB)    
A131 ALCAZAR Alcazar (GB)    
A132 ENCOUNTER Knife Edge (IRE)    
A134 SUPER CHIC Saent (IRE)    
A135 PRETTY BAUHINIA Karpacz (AUS) 13.7.2016 3yo BM 64 hcp
Moonee Valley, VIC, AUS1600M 1st / 10 +0.1L
A136 WHAT ELSE BUT YOU Eminent Knight (AUS) 16.7.2016 Cl.3
Eagle Farm, QLD, AUS
1800M 1st / 14 +5.8L
A137 STARLIT KNIGHT All Gee (AUS) 26.3.2016 RACONTEUR S. - 3yo
Ascot, WA, AUS
1500M 1st / 8 +0.5L
A138 HIGH SPIRIT High Spirit (AUS) 2.7.2016 SUNSHINE COAST GUINEAS - 3yo
Sunshine Coast, QLD, AUS
1600M 2nd / 14 -1.3L
A139 INTREPIC Intrepic (AUS) 18.6.2016 Cl.2 hcp
Gold Coast, QLD, AUS
1400M 1st / 11 +2.3L
A140 LET'S TAKE IT EASY Loch Oir (AUS) 23.7.2016 2yo hcp
Flemington, VIC, AUS
1400M 1st / 9 +0.1L
A141 PERFECT LIFELINE Perfect Lifeline (AUS) 1.7.2016 2yo+ mdn
Racing.com Park, VIC, AUS
1600M 1st / 10 +4L
A147 THE JUDGE Ryan Jim (NZ) 30.4.2016 BM 65 hcp
Hastings, NZ
1200M 1st / 12 +1.3L  
A148 MEGA HEART Oh Romeo (AUS) 26.8.2016 BM 65 hcp
Ashburton, NZ
1200M 1st / 12 +9.5L 
A149 ROCKY MALONE Koenigsegg One (NZ) 24.1.2016 conditions
Ellerslie, NZ
1200M 1st / 10 +3.5L 
A154 DR WIN WIN Qatar Dream (IRE)    
A155 FULL GLAMOUR Icalo (FR)    
A156 SMART DRAGON Caribbean Blue (ITY)    
A157 BIG TIME BABY Big Time Baby (IRE)    
A158 PACKING STONES Broken Stones (IRE)    
A159 BEAUTY WAY Gershwin (GB)    
A160 SMART BABY High Shields (IRE)    
A161 RED ROSE WARRIOR Red Napoleon (USA)    
A162 GAMECHANGERS Aspen Mountain (IRE)    
A163 DOUBLE VALENTINE Currency Converter (USA)    
A164 RIGHT HONOURABLE Right Honourable (IRE)    
A165 FAST MOST FURIOUS Seville Star (IRE)    
A168 CHUNG WAH SPIRIT Cash Dash (AUS) 6.7.2016 2yo hcp
Eagle Farm, QLD, AUS
1200M 1st / 7 +1L
A169 CELESTIAL ARROW Red Banner (AUS)    
A170 MAGIC LEGEND Hostwin Legend (AUS)    
A171 STAR OF JOY Decorated Soldier (AUS)    
A172 RULE THEE Golden Coin (NZ) 21.8.2016 0-70 hcp
Sunshine Coast, QLD, AUS
1600M 1st / 8 +0.4L
A173 TOP LAURELS Suboric (AUS)    
A182 COLOURFUL ACHIEVER Colourful Achiever (AUS) 1.5.2016 2yo+ mdn
Waterlea, NZ
1000M 1st / 8 +0.1L 
A183 BULB ELITE The Soultaker (NZ) 24.9.2016 BONECRUSHER S. - 3yo
Ellerslie, NZ
1400M 1st / 9 +1.3L  
A184 WINNER DON'T MISS Pearson Square (NZ) 28.9.2016 3yo mdn
Ruakaka, NZ
1200M 1st / 13 +3.5L 
A185 OHANA Oops Tommy (NZ) 17.9.2016 BM 65 hcp
Hastings, NZ
1400M 1st / 16 +0.1L 
A193 GENERAL DINO L'Ami Cagnois (FR)    
A194 THE GOLDEN AGE Kontrastat (FR)    
A195 LOADED Loaded (IRE)    
A196 SIR REDALOT Sir Dreamalot (IRE)    
A197 OPEN HOUSE Open House (IRE)    
A201 MISTER MONTE Futura (AUS) 9.7.2016 TAJ ROSSI SERIES FINAL - 2yo hcp
Flemington, VIC, AUS
1600M 2nd / 12 -0.1L
A202 AMAZING Grincheux (AUS) 24.9.2016 Cl.2 hcp
Kembla Grange, NSW, AUS
1500M 1st / 5 +3.3L
A203 HO HO HORSE Son Of A Snitz (AUS) 14.9.2016 3yo BM 64 hcp
Racing.com Park, VIC, AUS
1200M 1st / 10 +0.5L
A212 OCULIST Oculist (AUS) 7.9.2016 3yo BM 67 hcp
Canterbury, NSW, AUS
1550M 1st / 8 +0.8L
A213 DALRADIAN Dalradian (AUS) 24.10.2015 INGLIS BANNER - 2yo
Moonee Valley, VIC, AUS
1000M 1st / 14 +0.1L
A214 ROCKETEER Rocketeer (AUS) 15.8.2016 mdn
Wangaratta, VIC, AUS
1400M 1st / 9 +4L
A215 HAIR TRIGGER Hair Trigger (AUS) 30.6.2016 2yo mdn
Wyong, NSW, AUS
1200M 1st / 10 +0.8L
A216 PERFECT CHOICE So Miraggio (AUS) 3.10.2016 Cl.3 hcp
Eagle Farm, QLD, AUS
1000M 1st / 5 +1.3L
A217 ALL BEST FRIENDS Pyx Chamber (AUS)    
A218 GRANITE BELT Granite Belt (NZ) 17.9.2016 BM 70 hcp
Beaumont, NSW, AUS
1350M 1st / 11 +0.5L
A227 GIOVANNI BATTISTA Giovanni Battista (IRE)    
A228 BANK ON RED Sincil Bank (USA)    
A229 MARVEL JOY Hurricane Rush (IRE)    
A230 RADIANT TREASURE Rainbow Mist (IRE)    
A231 SWEETIE BARLEY Kruger Park (IRE)    
A232 HEHA BOY Paling (GB)    
A233 MAGIC AGILITY Danny Boy (GER)    
A234 TERRITORY Territory (IRE)    
A235 WONDERFUL TIGER Forrest Prince (IRE)    
A236 MAGIC POWER King Electric (IRE)    
A237 MEGA TREASURE Grand Coalition (IRE)    
A238 RISE HIGH Landfall (FR)    
A239 PLAY IT Maneen (GB)    
A240 ARCADA Arcada (IRE)    
A241 DEE DEE D'OR Dee Dee D'Or (IRE)    
A244 NUCLEAR POWER Nuclear Power (GB)    
A245 FORTUNE PATROL Bahamas (IRE)    
A246 KYRUS BOWSER Global Storm (GER)    
A247 FAITHFUL TRINITY Skarino Gold (GER)    
A248 CALCULATION Drake Passage (IRE)    
A249 THE JOY OF GIVING Youarewonder (IRE)    
A250 LEAN AMBASSADOR Archives (AUS)    
A251 SUPER LUCKY Mymancharles (AUS)    
A252 SOUTHERN LEGEND Southern Legend (AUS)    
A253 WINNING FAITH Biased Witness (AUS)    
A260 BRAVE LEGEND Khar Khorum (AUS) 29.10.2016 BM 65 hcp
Tauranga, NZ
1400M 1st / 13 +2.8L
A261 ROYAL MOJITO Royal Mojito (NZ) 3.12.2016 MUFHASA S. - 3yo
Ellerslie, NZ
1300M 2nd / 13 -0.5L
A262 PINGWU SPARK Masterhorseman (NZ) 28.9.2016 mdn
Ruakaka, NZ
1200M 1st / 10 +0.8L
A263 COLCHESTER Colchester (NZ) 1.11.2016 BM 75 hcp
Wingatui, NZ
1200M 1st / 7 +3.3L
A286 QUICK RETURN Cohabitate (NZ)    
A287 FIFTY FIFTY Speedy Grey (NZ)    
A293 SAUL'S SPECIAL Saul's Special (AUS)    
A294 KHAKI Khaki (AUS)    
A295 SHALLUCK Shalluck (AUS)    
A296 MASTER ALBERT Albert Of Clonmel (AUS)    
A297 COBY BOY Flying Labelle (AUS)    
A304 Alicante Dawn (GB)    
A305 DOLLAR REWARD Dollar Reward (GB)    
A336 THE CREATETH Henry The Createth (AUS)    
A337 Lusaha (AUS)    
A338 BOMBAY BLITZ Detective (AUS)    
A342 TECHNICIAN Technician (NZ)    
A343 POWER OF PATCH Power Of Patch (AUS)    
A344 SMILING PRIDE Smiling Touch (NZ)    
A350 Salto Olimpico (BRZ)    
A351 Winning Supreme (AUS)    
A352 Hostwin Vintage (AUS)    
A353 Farson (AUS)    
A358 Heisenberg (NZ)    
A361 Spotlight Dream (IRE)    
A362 SLEEP EDUCATION Vilakazi (SAF)    
A364 EVERBRAVE Everbrave (NZ)    
A365 Undercover (NZ)    
A366 TAI SMART Master Of Speed (NZ)    
A367 TIME TO CELEBRATE Time To Celebrate (NZ)