1. The Club arrange and cover the NORMAL costs of return transport by road from home stable to departure airport, and return air transport for each selected horse, based on existing cargo routes. Any Owner or Trainer making horse shipment plans outside the Club’s recommended travel route or carrier may incur additional charges at his or her own expense. The shipping arrangements of all horses will be organised by the Club and co-ordinated by its appointed shipping agents. The Club and its transport agents will not be liable for any death of or injury to any invited horses during transportation to and from Hong Kong, or while in Hong Kong.

Horses from the same region will:-

a) As far as possible, travel on the same flights;

b) Need to share pallets on the basis of two horses for each pallet. Any additional cost incurred by a requested change from the Club’s arrangement will be borne by the Owners.

c) The Club shall bear the cost of air freight for any necessary horse gear, equipment and feed of a LD3 container (on a two horses sharing basis) only. Any excessive load shipped will be borne by the Owner.

d) For countries where there is no direct travel to Hong Kong due to quarantine protocols and charter flight is the best option, a travel subsidy will be provided to the owners to assist with shipment costs for horses. Please contact Marco Cheng, Racing Secretary for details.


The HKJC's shipping agents are as follows :-

Australia / New Zealand / Singapore
New Zealand Bloodstock
Tel : +64 9 298 0055
Fax : +64 9 298 0506

b) Europe
BBA Shipping & Transport Ltd
Tel: +44 1638 676 381
Fax: +44 1638 500 544

c) North America
International Racehorse Transport
Tel: +1 630 513 0312
Fax: +1 630 240 1221

d) United Arab Emirates
Janah Management Co. Ltd
Tel: +44 1638 732 100
Fax: +44 1638 731 319

e) Japan
Nosawa & Co. Ltd
Tel: +81 3 3216 3476
Fax: +81 3 3201 3039

4. The Club strongly recommends to ship horses at least 8 days before the date of the race to allow horses to recover from any travel related problems and clearance from their systems of any therapeutic prohibited substances required to be administered. Such medications may be detected in samples taken from horses for much longer than a week. Early arrival requests may be permitted by the Club subject to availability of quarantine facilities in Hong Kong. However, it should be noted that Owners may be required to pay for all extra charges involved for such early arrival arrangements.
5. All visiting runners, except those required to fulfil the pre-export quarantine requirements, should depart from Hong Kong at the latest 7 days after the race. It should be noted that Owners may be required to pay for all extra charges involved for any extension of stay of their horses in Hong Kong. ?
6. All horses must travel with their passport and any other official identification papers which must be available for inspection and collection by the veterinary authorities upon their arrival at the Quarantine stables in Hong Kong. The documents will be endorsed and returned prior to the horses’ departure from Hong Kong.
7. The Club will not be responsible for horse insurance. Connections should make their own insurance arrangements.
8. If the horse is withdrawn for reasons other than on veterinary grounds, the horses’ connections are required to pay for all expenses such as shipping charges, etc.
9. Any quarantine costs outside of Hong Kong will be met by the Owner.
10. Any additional costs for bringing a companion horse with the visiting runner will be borne by the Owner.