Scheduled countries / places for temporary import into Hong Kong
Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Macau SAR, Peninsular Malaysia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom (Great Britain & Northern Ireland) and the United States of America.
Pre-export isolation requirements
Pre-export testing requirements
The sample for each test must be taken within 14 days of export to Hong Kong:
  • Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) (Coggins - Immunodiffusion test)
  • Piroplasmosis (IFAT- Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test - for Babesia caballi and Babesia equi)
A nasopharyngeal swab for Equine Influenza test must be collected within 48 hours prior to the horse¡¦s departure in the exporting country/Macau and a negative result subjected to one of the following tests:
  • A polymerase chain reaction test for influenza A
  • The Directigen Flu A or Flu A+B test kit manufactured by Becton, Dickinson and Company USA (BD)
  • The ESPLINE Influenza A and B-N kit manufactured by Fujirebio Inc
Vaccination requirements

Equine Influenza:
During the 90 days immediately prior to export from its country of permanent or usual residency, but not within 14 days of export, the horse MUST have been administered:

a primary course of approved vaccinations against equine influenza comprising of at least 2 doses with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks or according to the terms of vaccine registration with the relevant government authority.

a booster vaccination against equine influenza which was given within 12 months of a primary course, or within 12 months of a booster vaccination where it, and any other previous booster vaccinations, had been administered annually within a regular 12-month period since the primary course (which consisted of at least 2 doses with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks or according to the terms of vaccine registration with the relevant government authority).

*Special Vaccinations Requirements for Australian Horses
Please note that Australia has different requirements for equine influenza and Japanese B encephalitis vaccination and testing for re-entry and these should be obtained from the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS). A waiver may be required from the Hong Kong Government.

*Return/Onward Journey Requirements
For returning to the original country of export or onward journey to another country, additional pre-export quarantine period, vaccination, treatment(s) (e.g. deworming, insecticide spray) and health testing requirements may apply. Please consult your shipping agent for details and advice in your advance travel planning.

1. These guidelines are only to assist horses' connections with their travel planning and conditions are subject to change.  Please refer to HK AFCD website for details of importation.


All registered horses on temporary importation into Hong Kong must be accompanied by duly completed "Export Certificate for Horses Temporarily Imported into Hong Kong (version: September 2011)" and signed by the official veterinarian of the country/place of dispatch.

2. Testing requirements may vary from time to time with an individual country's ability to certify freedom from the required disease for specific periods.
3. Horse shipping agents and local animal health authorities will have the most current information.
4. Official government health certification must be complied with for entry of horses into Hong Kong and re-entry into their country of origin or country of next destination, which will vary according to the itinerary of the horse.
5. Providing that all tests required for importation of horses into Hong Kong from the country of origin are completed in that country, then no further testing will be required in the cases of multiple country itineraries, providing that such horses are isolated from local horses and those not of equivalent health status, except during their races.
6. Please note that no vaccines may be administered within 14 days of import into Hong Kong.
7. Please note that no pregnant mare is allowed for temporary import into Hong Kong.

ELISA - Enzyme Linked Immunoassay
IFAT - Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test - for Babesia caballi and Babesia equi