The Tips Indexes provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club are published on its website at before 4:30 pm on the day preceding a race day and before 9:30 am on each race day morning.

At the same time, a "Talking Horse" and a "Sneaker" summarized from the Tips Indexes for each race are also posted up on the Club's website and in all Off-Course Betting Branches.

A Tips Index is not a "tip" itself but a reference figure based on selections by the racing media and generated by applying a statistical formula. Each starter's Tips Index represents the degree of favour it has among tipsters.

For racing fans' easy comprehension, a Tips Index is expressed in the form of an odds-like figure. The smaller the figure, the higher is the degree of favour a starter enjoys among tipsters.

As for the "Talking Horse" and "Sneaker", the former is the top choice by most tipsters and the latter their 3rd or 4th pick.

As the odds of a starter vary with the support it receives from the media and the public, racing fans may judge the chances of a horse by comparing its Tips Index with the movement of its Win odds. Surely, this will enhance the fun of racing.