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Highest-ever payout for Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draw $80 million first prize to be drawn on 4 September


The Mark Six Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draw for this year will be held next Thursday, 4 September.  The draw will carry a giant Snowball of $60 million.  If there is only a single first prize for a $10 winning unit, the payout is estimated to reach $80 million, the highest-ever first prize for Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draws. The draw will be held at 9:30 pm on next Thursday and broadcast live on ATV’s Home Channel. 

Top 5 Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball first prize payouts

Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draw

First prize amount


(Estimated first prize for a single $10 winning unit)




$41,984,065 (0.5 winning unit)







Lucky numbers for Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draw
Records of the past ten years show that number 15 has been drawn five times in the Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draws, while number 48 has been drawn four times. Two other numbers have each come out three times.  They are:

Lucky numbers for Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draws

Number of times drawn
(including as extra numbers)


5 times


4 times

42   43

3 times

Entries for the Snowball draw available now
Entries for the Mid-Autumn Festival Snowball draw are now available through Off-course Betting Branches (OCBBs), Telebet (including 1886 Telebet Automated Services) and Interactive Services which include Online Betting Service (eWin), Mobile Betting Service, CIT-8, Mango devices and MangoPRO betting app.  Selling will stop at 9:15 pm on the draw day.
To allow for pre-racing season system testing, all OCBBs will be closed on Monday 1 September and resume services on the following day. Telebet and Interactive Services will be closed from 2:00 pm to 12:45 am on the following day.

*Customers must be aged 18 and above



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