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The Stewards have received a request from Trainer David Hall for them to consider approving a change of equipment to be carried by HIT A HOME RUN in its future starts.  HIT A HOME RUN has been successful at four of its most recent five race starts.

Mr Hall advised that HIT A HOME RUN is showing an increasing tendency to lay in during its races and now that the horse has graduated to Class 3 he is of the opinion that it is necessary to address this aspect of the horse’s traits.  After discussing the matter with Douglas Whyte, the regular rider of HIT A HOME RUN, who confirmed to the Stewards that HIT A HOME RUN is laying in to a greater degree in its races of late, it was decided to work the horse in a one-eyed blinker (right side) to ascertain whether this piece of equipment would assist the horse in running truly.  Following the horse working in this gear both Mr Hall and Jockey Whyte advised that HIT A HOME RUN performed well and that the equipment appeared to have corrected the horse’s trait of laying in.

After consideration of the request, the Stewards advised Mr Hall that HIT A HOME RUN must participate in an Official Barrier Trial with the one-eyed blinker on before the application would be decided upon.

Accordingly, HIT A HOME RUN has been entered for Batch 9 of tomorrow’s Official Barrier Trials to be conducted at Sha Tin.  After observing how the horse performs in this trial, the Stewards will make a determination as to whether Mr Hall’s application to add the one-eyed blinker (right side) will be approved.

A further release will be issued at the appropriate time.



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