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Hong Kong Jockey Club announces review of jockey travel policies


The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced that its existing jockey travel policy will remain unchanged at present while undertaking a more formal review of that policy in the near future.

“The Club’s policy permitting jockeys to apply for approval to leave Hong Kong remains unchanged. There must be no conflict with a Hong Kong race meeting and the jockey must have a commitment to ride in a Group 1 race during prestigious international racing events,” said Mr. William A. Nader, Executive Director of Racing. “However, a more thorough review of the policy is underway, and we anticipate the results of this review will be revealed before the end of November.”

“The most-recent disruption, caused by the unexpected absence of two of our leading jockeys, was a concern to our Owners and trainers, who had the expectation that their horses were to be ridden by the jockeys originally booked, and to our valued customers,” said Mr. Nader. “The Club’s ultimate responsibility in these matters is to our Owners, trainers and customers.”



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