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$40 million estimated first prize for Halloween Super Thursday Snowball draw next Thursday


The Mark Six Halloween Super Thursday Snowball draw will be held next Thursday, 29 October.  The draw will carry a snowball of $30 million.  If there is only a single first prize for a $10 winning unit, the payout is estimated to reach $40 million. The draw will be held at 9:30 pm next Thursday and will be broadcast live on TVB’s J2 Channel, and UOne Channel of China Mobile. 

Lucky numbers for Snowball draw

Out of the past ten Snowball draws, Number 1, 15 and 42 has been drawn four times. They can be considered as lucky numbers for Snowball draw. 

Past 10 Snowball draws -
Most drawn numbers

Number of times drawn
(including as extra number)

 1, 15, 42

4 times

Snowball draw tickets on sale now
Tickets for the Halloween Super Thursday Snowball draw are available now through OCBBs, Telebet (including 1886 Telebet Automated Services) and Interactive Services - including Online Betting Service (eWin), Mobile Betting Service, CIT-8, Mango devices and MangoPRO betting app.  Selling will stop at 9:15 pm on the draw day.

*Customers must be aged 18 and above



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