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Happy Wednesday Parties to Welcome the Year of the Monkey


Happy Wednesday is pulling out all the stops to celebrate Chinese New Year in style on 3 and 17 February, partnering with hip retailer G.O.D. to welcome racegoers and invite them to indulge in the chic Chinese spring-themed party vibe. While soaking up the racetrack action, racegoers are invited to ring in the Year of the Monkey with a healthy helping of traditional local culture, including fortune-telling, lion dances, Chinese arts and crafts, and a host of fun games and activities on-course and at adrenaline. All this, of course, will be paired with mouth-watering food, thirst-quenching beverages and thrilling on-track excitement, making Happy Wednesday the perfect event to honour the city’s biggest holiday season (Photo 1, 2, 3, 4). Join the games trackside and at adrenaline for a chance to win a pure gold monkey (Photo 5) and other prizes!

Lion Dance and Monkey-themed Martial Arts
A traditional lion dance performance, as well as traditional martial arts featuring monkey-style movements and stick performances, will drum up a wonderful festive atmosphere in the Beer Garden.

Festive Spring Garden
The racecourse will be transformed into a festive spring garden with traditional Chinese paper-cutting decorations and peach blossoms to bring in good fortune.

Experience Zone for New Year treasure
By buying two jugs of beer in the Beer Garden with a receipt, racegoers will be entitled to participate once in any one of these activities:

  • Fortune-telling by birds – The use of trained birds to read one’s fortune is a skill that dates back hundreds of years. There is no better way to get the new year off to a flying start than by getting some winged wisdom.
  • Chinese Paper-Cutting – Another authentic Chinese folk art, demonstrating the most amazing skills and dexterity in turning ordinary paper into lucky shapes and patterns will also be on hand to enrich the festive vibe.
  • Fan Drawing – You can draw your exquisite fans with traditional techniques like calligraphy and Chinese painting.

Games with Prizes

  • New Year Treasure Pot – You can have the chance to take home wonderful prizes, including a pure gold monkey each night, G.O.D. shopping vouchers and Gift Shop coupons.
  • Creative Costume Contest - Another must-visit spot will be the interactive kiosks where customers can try on traditional lion or Buddha-head dancing costumes, strike a fun pose and take a snap to take home. Customers who upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #HappyWednesday could win up to a total value of HK$1,000 G.O.D. cash vouchers for the top 3 creative photos of the night.

Festive Treats
The trackside kiosks will offer an array of Chinese New Year dishes, both lucky in names and great in flavour.

Deep-fried Dumplings stuffed with Black Truffle, Mixed Mushrooms and Vegetables, served with Black Truffle Dip (Photo 6)    


Roasted Pork Knuckle with New Potato (Photo 7)


Deep-fried Scallop & Banana Fritter (Photo 8)


Pan-fried Assorted Chinese Puddings (Photo 9)


Grilled Ox Tongue & Pork Tongue Skewers (Photo 10)


On both party nights, adrenaline will be bursting with festive atmosphere. The winner of the Best Dressed of the night will receive a 24K Gold-plated bowl ornament (1 piece per night). By collecting a lai see from the Happy Wednesday Ambassadors, customers can have another chance to take home a 24K Gold-plated bowl ornament or other fabulous gift. Jazz singer Jennifer Palor and her band will serenade the nights away. The Gallery and Stable Bend Terrance will offer exquisite delicacies, wine and games with prizes. For bookings, please call 3690-3690.

Please refer to promotional materials, terms and conditions for details. 

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