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Celebrating 40 years of the Mark Six lottery - Safeguarding the integrity of the Mark Six


Over the past 40 years of the Mark Six Lottery, the Club has strictly complied with regulatory requirements and established stringent procedures to ensure Mark Six draws are run in a fair and impartial manner.  In the fourth and final episode of a series commemorating the 40th Anniversary, presenter Julian Cheung gives a behind-the-scenes look at these special arrangements.

Each draw is supervised by a Justice of the Peace and a representative from one of the Lotteries Fund beneficiary organisations (Photo 1). The draw is telecast live through multi-media platform, such as free-to-air television channel and mobile apps with results and winning units available through various mass media channels, including radio and TV news programmes, newspaper reports and the Club��s website.  Customers can also call the Club��s hotline 1835288 for draw results.

Six numbers are drawn by an electronically-operated draw machine, which has been certified as being above international standard in randomness and integrity.  There are two identical draw machines, one for live draw operations and one as a backup.  Before the live draw begins the two supervising guests draw one set of numbered balls (Photo 2) and then verify the quantity of numbered balls and their numerical sequence in the machine (Photo 3). After witnessing the draw they sign-off the draw result as confirmation (Photo 4).

Both the draw machines and the numbered balls are securely locked away after each draw to prevent access by unauthorised persons.  The numbered balls are regularly measured, weighed and examined by X-ray to ensure equal size and weight.

This episode is available on the Mark Six 40th anniversary webpage and at any Off-Course Betting Branch.

*Customers must be aged 18 and above

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