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Mark Six 40th Anniversary Snowball Draw - Off-Course Betting Branches service hours to be extended next Monday and Tuesday


Ticket sales for the Mark Six 40th Anniversary Snowball Draw started on Tuesday 23 February.  As of Wednesday 24 February, the turnover recorded for the first two days of ticket sales is over $40 million.  In view of the strong demand for Mark Six tickets for the Snowball draw, the Club’s Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs) will open earlier next Monday 29 February and next Tuesday 1 March#.  On 29 February, OCBBs will open at 11:00 am.  On 1 March, OCBBs will open at 9:00 am.


OCBB Service Hours#

29 February (Monday)

11:00am to 11:00pm

1 March (Tuesday)

9:00am to 11:00pm
(Mark Six ticket sales stops at 9:15pm)

The Snowball Draw next Tuesday 1 March will carry a $75 million Snowball, while the First Division Prize Fund is estimated to reach $100 million.

The highest-ever Mark Six Snowball Draw in Hong Kong
The Mark Six Snowball draw was first introduced in 1982 with a Snowball of $1 million.  Since 1985, Snowball draws have been held on special seasonal or festive occasions, e.g. Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.  There were also Snowball draws commemorating the 30th and 35th Anniversaries of Mark Six lottery, when the Snowballs were $30 million and $25 million respectively.  The Mark Six 40th Anniversary Snowball draw next Tuesday, carrying a $75 million Snowball, will therefore set a new record.

Lucky numbers in the past 10 Snowball draws
In the past ten Snowball draws, “42” was drawn four times while nine numbers were drawn three times. The “lucky numbers” for these Snowball draws are as follows:

Most drawn numbers in the
past 10 Snowball draws

Number of times being drawn
(including extra number)




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# Some OCBBs close earlier.



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