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Dr. Brian Stewart appointment as Head of Veterinary Regulation and Biosecurity Policy


The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced today (Tuesday) the appointment of Dr. Brian Stewart as Head of Veterinary Regulation and Biosecurity Policy. The Department of Veterinary Regulation and Biosecurity Policy sits within the Racing Authority Division and is responsible for anti-doping medication policy, horse welfare and safety, quarantine policy and international movement of horses’ policy.

The appointment is a return to Hong Kong for Dr. Stewart, who served the Club in various roles from 2002 through 2011.

Dr. Stewart is currently the Head of Equine Welfare and Veterinary Services at Racing Victoria, Australia, and prior to his first term with the Club, served as Chief Veterinary Surgeon of the Singapore Turf Club for eight years. He is the current Chairman of the International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians (IGSRV) and the Chairman of the International Movement of Horses Committee (IMHC) for the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Dr Brian Stewart back to the Club. There is no doubt that his international standing, his proven effectiveness as a senior regulator within the Club model, and his policy expertise in biosecurity and quarantine issues all mean that he will be able to make a substantial contribution to Hong Kong racing,”  said Mr. Andrew Harding, Executive Director, Racing Authority.

One particular focus of the role will be the ongoing work on intergovernmental protocols relating to the movement of horses between Hong Kong and the Conghua Training Centre. Dr. Stewart will also add his expertise to the Club’s processes to facilitate smooth quarantine protocols for horses travelling to Hong Kong, both temporary imports for international races and horses purchased for permanent importation from overseas, including potential access to new markets such as South Africa.



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