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Be a Bollywood star for two Happy Wednesday nights


Happy Wednesday is taking off with an energised start to the New Year, with the opening pair of parties for 2017 set to be full of racing entertainment and Bollywood-style festivities! Racegoers will be treated to a taste of Bollywood at Happy Valley when Bollywood Night descends on the track on 4 and 11 January (Photos 1, 2)!

This is a #HappyWednesdayHK moment – join photo contest to win Samsung Curved Monitor
Fans seizing the opportunity to capture happy moments at the Bollywood-themed night parties will have the chance to take home fabulous prizes. To join the contest, fans are to share their photos taken at Happy Wednesday with their friends on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #HappyWednesdayHK and #GoRacingHK. Each race night, the customer taking the photo selected as the best of the evening will be awarded a Samsung Curved Monitor!

Selfies Bollywood-style
Selfie lovers can put on the beautiful saris and kurtas available for racegoers on-site and get lost in the Bollywood magic by having their photos taken with an Indian background!

Musical Masala
Bollywood dancers will keep the beat going in a swirl of colour with their energy-charged moves on stage. Fans can also get into the mood by moving to the beat! (Photo 3).

Taste India
Fans can get a taste of both Indian classics and fusion dishes, with the specialty dishes set to spice up their taste buds!



Bread Pakora (Deep-Fried Stuffed Bread) (3pcs) (Photo 4)


Masala Papadam (3pcs) (Photo 5 )



Malai Chicken Drumlette (3pcs) (Photo 6)


Roti with Black Dal (Thin Bread with Braised Black Beans) (Photo 7)


Lamb Biryani Crackers with Indian Salad (3pcs) (Photo 8)


Lamb Seek Kebab (Minced Lamb Kebab) (2 skewers) (Photo 9)


Fish Masala wrapped in Banana Leaf, served with Yellow Rice (Photo 10)


Indian Beef and Okra Curry, served with Yellow Rice (Photo 11)


Indian Butter Chicken Curry, served with Yellow Rice (Photo 12)


Bollywood flair at adrenaline and The Gallery
adrenaline will be getting into the Bollywood mood, serving up sizzling Indian dishes on the buffet, as well as a selection of themed cocktails (Photo 13). The Gallery will also be offering up Indian dishes and special cocktails. Body painters will be on site to paint Henna, a unique form of body art in India, while, to celebrate the splendour of traditional Indian clothing, a HK$1,000 racecourse food and beverage gift certificate will be awarded each night to the “Best Bollywood Style Dress Award” winner.  For reservation, please call the 24-hour booking hotline 1817.

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