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Licensing Committee Decisions


The following is a summary of decisions that were made by the Licensing Committee at their meeting held this morning:-

1.   The Committee resolved to:-

1.1grant currently licensed Assistant Trainer Frankie Lor Fu Chuen a Trainer’s Licence for the 2017/2018 racing season, subject to the usual formalities, to fill an existing vacancy.

1.2  approve the Trainer’s Licence of Frankie Lor Fu Chuen for the 2017/2018 racing season to become effective on 17 July 2017 so that he will be eligible to receive horses into his stable when end-of-season transfers take place.

Please refer to the attached profile of Mr Lor.

2.   The Committee resolved to grant an Assistant Trainer’s licence to Talley Chan Che Chung until the conclusion of the current 2016/2017 racing season, allocated to Trainer Francis K W Lui. 

3.   Howard Cheng Yue Tin was called to attend a hearing by the Licensing Committee to decide whether his current 2016/2017 Freelance Jockey’s licence should be withdrawn pursuit to Rule 14(2) of the Rules of Racing.  Having today conducted a hearing on this matter the Committee has decided that Howard Y T Cheng’s current 2016/2017 Freelance Jockey’s licence should be withdrawn with immediate effect.  According to the Rules of Racing, Mr Cheng has a right of appeal to the Stewards of the Jockey Club against this decision of the Licensing Committee.

Frankie Lor Fu Chuen
Photo 1:
Frankie Lor Fu Chuen



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