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Renovation works - Sha Tin large all weather track and Happy Valley turf track


1.  Ripping of large all weather track  

The large all weather track was ripped on 1 April to a depth of 5 1/2" to relieve surface hardness. The track will be expected to ride similar to the meeting on 26 March 2017 after it had been ripped on 21 March 2017.

2.  Verti-drain on Happy Valley turf track

The verti-drain was used on the Happy Valley turf track to alleviate surface hardness according to the following schedules:

9 – 23 March       

A to C Course (Worked Back Position)

30 March – 1 April  

C+3 Course (Worked Back Position) and the remaining area

On completion of the works, the areas were lightly rolled as per previous practice.



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