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Come join night of hi-tech fun at the Valley this Thursday


Horseracing and interactive entertainment technology will excite race-goers at Happy Valley Racecourse on Thursday, 20 April, the first of three consecutive Digital Night parties at Hong Kong’s iconic city track.  

At the three-week event which ends on 3 May, a 65" Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV is up for grabs. The Korea Racing Authority Trophy will be featured on Wednesday, 26 April.

Beer Garden and other racecourse hotspots will present an array of fun interactive games, blending high technology with exciting sport and the unique buzz of a night at the Valley (Photos 1, 2).

  • Celebrate Like a Star Jockey: Prebble’s “flying fist”, the Moreira roar or the Callan “stand-up salute” – gamers strike victory poses just like their favourite jockeys.  Their video clips are to be judged, with the top scorer receiving a 65" Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV
  • Virtual Reality Riding Game: fans can experience the thrill of race riding. This is a rare chance to test jockey skills perched atop a riding machine while watching images from the VR Gear, for the chance to win a Samsung VR Gear
  • Finger Run: join the simulated racing game with friends and enjoy loads of fun.
  • 360 video with Derek Leung via VR Gear: the leading local jockey takes fans on a behind-the-scenes racing facilities tour


In between the racing excitement, Kat Coetzee (Photo 3), daughter of retired rider-turned-mentor Felix Coetzee, and her band will bring rock-and-funk vibes to the Beer Garden.  

The parties will be spiced up with a wide selection of favourite Korean dishes:


Price (HK$)

Deep Fried Yuzu Chicken Drumsticks (4 pcs) (Photo 4)


Korean Stir Fried Kimchi Rice Cakes with Pork (Photo 5)


Korean Roasted Pork Belly Bossam served with Rice


Honey Curry Roasted Half Chicken


Bibimbap Tortilla Wrap


Korean Spicy Pork Bulgogi served with Rice


Korean Spicy Octopus Skewers (2 Skewers) (Photo 6)


Kimchi Noodle Pancake (2 pcs) (Photo 7)


adrenaline, The Gallery and Stable Bend Terrace 
Happy Wednesday hotspots adrenaline bar and lounge, The Gallery and Stable Bend Terrace will feature various techno-games (Photo 8), adrenaline and The Gallery will present Korean Soju in citron and peach flavuors, while adrenaline will also serve a selection of Korean dishes. Please check the event theme site for reservation offers: For reservations, please call the 24-hour booking hotline 1817.

Please refer to terms and conditions for details. 

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