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Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup �V Post-race jockey quotes


1st - Neorealism – Joao Moreira
“He didn’t really jump as well as we expected, we thought he was going to be able to lead but as he jumped a little bit slow I had to give him a chance to get cover behind horses. The pace slowed so much on the back straight so I had to pop out and get going. He got going but he wasn't at his top speed, so I was always confident that once we turned for home he was going to finish off strongly, which he did.”

2nd - Pakistan Star – Silvestre de Sousa
“He ran a very good race, the pace was just too slow early. He got left behind when they sprinted but finished off so well.”

3rd - Werther – Hugh Bowman
“He acquitted himself well. It was very slow in the middle stages and that didn't suit him. I thought the sprint home would but the Japanese horse just got a break on us.”

4th - Blazing Speed – Neil Callan
“He ran with credit. It was always going to be a messy race. I settled into a nice position but then when Joao made his move, I let him go and took the trail but then Werther came around me and the leader kicked on. They were just too good for me.”

5th - The United States – Brett Prebble
“He tried hard, he’s a marvellous old horse. Coming off heavy tracks on to a fast track, it probably stung him a little bit. He’s been a good soldier for the boss.”

6th - Secret Weapon – Zac Purton
“He ran well.”

7th - Dicton - Olivier Peslier
“The pace was a bit slow for him and softer ground would be his preference. He took time to pick up when the pace lifted.”

8th - Designs On Rome - Tommy Berry
“We’ve seen the best of him. He’s had a great career but now he’s coming very close to the end.”


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