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Supplementary Circular �V Horses Withdrawal for 18/6/2017 meeting


Race 1 Horse 1 A SHIN HOOF (A181) has been scratched. (Reason: Lame right fore)

Race 4 Horse 1 BEAUTY FLARE (V240) has been scratched. (Reason: Right fore tendon injury)
Standby Starter CAPE THE FAITH promoted, rider is N CALLAN.

Race 7 Horse 2 TRAVEL FIRST (T98) has been scratched. (Reason: Lame right hind)

Race 9 Horse 3 ALL YOU WISH (P31) has been scratched. (Reason: Lame left fore)

Race 10 Horse 1 SEA JADE (V307) has been scratched. (Reason: Fever)
Standby Starter DRAGON GENERAL promoted, rider is H N WONG.



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