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The Hong Kong Jockey Club wins MIS Innovation Award - the only winner from Hong Kong

16 October 2003

Trophy of MIS Innovation Awards
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The Hong Kong Jockey Club has won the MIS Innovation Award in the category of outsourcing. The award recognizes the Club's unique, innovative and flexible solution in upgrading its 2,400 desktop PCs and improving desktop support service by outsourcing these tasks to a vendor.

Organized by MIS Asia, a magazine on IT management, the competition attracted more than 90 entries from 77 organisations across Asia, including those from India, Singapore, Korea, China and Hong Kong. The entries were evaluated for over four months by a panel of 25 judges comprising regional academic group representatives, IT operation heads and officials from government IT departments and multinational corporations. Awards were given in ten categories and The Hong Kong Jockey Club was the only winner from Hong Kong.

The desktop facilities service project aimed at replacing 2,400 desktop PCs progressively in a cost effective way on a three-year leasing term with Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Limited (HP). A team of technical and service staff from HP was also deployed at the Club to provide support service.

Certificate of MIS Innovation Awards
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"Leasing PCs from a vendor enables the Club to take advantage of current technology cost effectively. It permits increased flexibility and will ultimately enhance office productivity," said Mr Steve Beason, the Club's Executive Director, Information Technology.

"With the same vendor supporting both desktop installation and maintenance services after PC replacement, we can save on high maintenance costs and are able to focus on developing leading-edge products and services for our customers," he added.

The unprecedented arrangement has also freed the Club from a wide range of administrative work, including procurement services, order processing, site co-ordination, scheduling, hardware installation, on-site end user support, post-installation customer service, hardware maintenance and asset disposal.

A cascading approach had been adopted for the PC replacement process. After categorizing desktop users according to their business needs, the Club allocated new PCs to users requiring an immediate upgrade to current models with the general users benefiting from receiving the replaced PCs from the first users. This served to optimise IT resources allocation and increase the number of upgraded users.

To benefit employees, the Club sold the used PCs to staff at a low price. The sale received overwhelming interest from Club employees with a 150 per cent over subscription rate.

"We are much honoured to receive the MIS Innovation Award," Mr Beason said. "I am glad this desktop facilities service project has earned high recognition from the judging panel. I also thank HP for their professional expertise in working out the project with us."




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