The Club imports fodder from Australia, China, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the USA. Large selections of proprietary feeds are available.

2. Two types of bedding are available: newspaper strips and wood shavings.
3. The stables’ water supply is normal domestic drinking water. In addition, bottled distilled water will be provided upon request.
4. Importation of feed and water, subject to examination, is permitted within the limitation of aircraft space. However, the import of plant material, such as hay and chaff is subject to a valid Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the exporting country. Please note the Club has excellent stocks of Timothy Hay, Lucerne Hay and Chaffs.

Dietary supplements may contain unknown prohibited substances and all are used at the Trainer’s own risk. Common supplements currently used by Trainers licensed by the Club will be made available to Visiting Trainers, on request.


The Club’s daily Track Work training schedule must be abided by all Trainers, Assistant Trainer, Head Lads, Track Work Riders and Grooms.