Questions on Racing

  • Why do some horses wear blinkers?

    Blinkers are used for three main purposes:
    (1) To block part of the vision of the horses so as to enable them to concentrate in racing and not to be sidetracked by other factors;
    (2) To enable the horses to run properly;
    (3) To enable the horses to develop specific skills they need.

    For instance, some horses may be curious and wanting to look around. Some may be nervous and will become scared or restless even if only something subtle is happening. Some horses may not run properly and keep shifting in and out, or tend to lean against horses by their side. Others may need to increase early speed when running short distance. Trainers require horses to wear blinkers whenever they think it's necessary. Besides, they may also require horses that have never achieved good results and always lose in races to wear blinkers so as to give them stimulation and arouse their interest in racing.