Access controls (1)

Illegal operators impose no age restrictions on who can place bets or gamble. Offshore operators often stipulate a minimum age, but in practice have no way of verifying this information other than through requiring a credit card number. In Hong Kong, as in many jurisdictions, gambling is restricted to those aged 18 and above. The Club enforces this restriction through physical access controls and through ID checks as part of account opening procedures.

Access controls (2)

Many unauthorised offshore gambling operations use the Internet to promote their services, provide odds and process bets. In some jurisdictions, in particular Australia and the US, concerns have been expressed about the potential harmful effects of Internet gambling. Two major worries are, first, the risk that the underaged will be able to access gambling sites at home and, second, that those prone to excessive gambling will not be able to resist the temptation of having gambling available online. The Club offers an eWin, Web-based betting service, but with significant differences from most gambling sites. The Club's service is account-based and requires proof of age. Subsequent account access requires entry of an account number and a password. In addition, the Club sites provide access only to the Club's own betting and lottery services.