Youth development activities and projects initiated or funded by the Club:

The Club believes the most effective way to address the issue of underage gambling is through public education, as well as strong support from the school and family. By giving guidance to young people on the potential harms of gambling, and creating opportunities for them to realise their potential, all in the community can chip in to building a healthy and positive lifestyle for the younger generations.

CLAP for Youth @ JC

The Club announced in January 2015 the launch of a five-year career and adventure planning programme “CLAP for Youth @ JC” targeting young people between 15 and 21, with funding of HK$500 million. Working in partnership with local universities, academia, NGOs, Government and business sector, the brand new programme will help both mainstream students and those with special educational needs, as well as non-engaged young people, realise their potential, develop clear individual roadmaps and prepare for their transition to work for further study.

P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement Scheme

Initiated by the Club’s Charities Trust in 2005, the programme garners the support of Government and local universities to promote the holistic development of young people. Through both integrated and themed education modules, the programme aims to develop and recognise adolescents’ abilities, helps them bond with others, in addition to enhancing their self-confidence and developing positive beliefs and values along their path to adulthood.

Study revealed the programme has showed very positive results in helping young people face challenges such as the lure of drugs. It has been recognised by the Government as one of the key youth development programmes in Hong Kong, benefitting more than 240,000 junior secondary students to date. It is also recognised and well-received outside Hong Kong.

Jockey Club Youth Football Development Programme

The Club committed more than HK$60 million between 2010 and 2014 to launch the programme in collaboration with Hong Kong Football Association and Manchester United, with the aim of promoting local football and encouraging young footballers to unleash their potential. The programme consists of a Summer Scheme, the largest youth football development programme in Hong Kong, which provides systematic training to over 10,000 boys and girls each year. Those showing strong talent will have the opportunity to participate in the year-round training scheme.

Jockey Club “Make a Difference” School

Founded in 2012, the School aims to inspire and empower young people to create positive personal, economic, social and environmental change through year-round programmes and activities.

Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres

The Club in 2002 donated HK$200 million, matching a grant from the Lotteries Fund, to modernise more than 80 youth services centres across the city, ensuring adequate provision of facilities and services to nurture the growth of the younger generation.

HKFYG Jockey Club Media 21 (M21)

M21 is Hong Kong’s first community-based hub for new media, not spearheaded by the Government. It connects young people through the Internet and digital media, while endeavouring to develop their skills and creativity in multimedia productions through programmes and training. More than 40,000 students are expected to benefit each year.

Youth Programme

The Club has been supporting Youth Programme (previously known as Summer Youth Programme) since its inception in 1969, enabling children and young people to make the best use of their summer holidays through participation in community services, and educational and recreational activities so as to widen their horizons. The programme has been expanded into a full year format since 2012.