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  • Ben So Tik-hung
    Age: 29
    HKJC Apprentice Jockeys' School graduate Ben So became a licensed rider in Hong Kong in December, 2008. That came after he had completed his training overseas with trainer Shane Edwards in Western Australia where he rode 12 winners in total. He graduated from the apprentice ranks when he rode his 70th Hong Kong winner on 15 April 2012. That came aboard Mr Award for his boss Peter Ho. He was involved in a four-way battle for the apprentice championship in 2009/10, and eventually finished third with 27 winners but made amends when claiming the title for the 2011/12 season. In February 2012 he also landed a win during the Qatar Apprentice Jockeys Invitation Races in Doha.
    Hong Kong Champion Apprentice (2011/12).
    Notable Race Wins Include:
    HKG3 Premier Plate (2010 Mr Medici).
    Hong Kong Career Wins (at commencement of 2016/17 season):
    136 (win strike rate: 5.23%)

    16/17 Season Up to Race Meeting of 18/01/2017
    Nationality : CHN No. of Wins : 3 Total Rides : 139
    Stakes won : $ 4,591,800 No. of 2nds : 7 Win % : 2.16%
    No. of Wins in past 10 race days : 0 No. of 3rds : 4    
    No. of 4ths : 7    
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    Current Season Riding Records - T H So Next
    Body Wt.
    Act. Wt.
    18/01/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    35106/11AWT-12003GDSTARTLING POWER4064T K NgB1074113
    35007/14AWT-18004GDDIGITAL PIONEER13045D J HallB1084116
    34810/12AWT-12004GDCURLING LUXURY9050Y S Tsui1002121
    14/01/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    34011/12TURFC+312003GTRENDY WIN8063L HoV1064115
    33904/14TURFC+314004GTHE FULL BLOOM14052C H YipB11063123
    33810/12TURFC+312003GGLORIOUS PARTNERS10071D J Hall1115123
    33511/12TURFC+312004GDON'T MISS6052L HoTT1/H11153126
    04/01/2017  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 6 ( Win 0 2nd 1 3rd 0 )
    31512/12TURFA16503GART OF RAW5080K W LuiH11132131
    31405/11TURFA1800G3GRENAISSANCE ART4092C FownesH/P1088113
    31302/12TURFA12003GTRAVEL SUCCESSOR8063W Y SoCP1102115
    31205/12TURFA18003GSUNNY WIN8070L HoTT-/B1206124
    31106/12TURFA16504GMUTUAL JOY2048L HoB/H1049119
    31011/12TURFA12004GVICTOR EMPEROR3044C H YipTT1153115
    30912/12TURFA12004GPEARL HARBOUR10049A LeeTT /H1109121
    01/01/2017  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 4 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    30707/14TURFB+212002GFSO FAST6081W Y SoH/P1089113
    30606/14TURFB+214003GFGO BABY GO10075C H Yip1113126
    30513/14TURFB+216003GFAMAZING GOLD3070L HoH1016121
    30211/14TURFB+212003GFDIAMOND LEGEND12066P O'SullivanB11134117
    30111/14TURFB+212004GFGENTRY6051C H YipTT-/XB11030123
    30008/12TURFB+216004GFAUDACITY6041L HoH1/V11061115
    29903/14TURFB+214005GFMASSIVE POWER5037L HoH/CP11085128
    29809/14TURFB+210004GFWINNING CONTROLLER12052C H Yip1089123
    29712/13TURFB+220005GFMAGIC STAR9028P O'SullivanTT /H/PC1150119
    27/12/2016  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    29311/14TURFA+310003GCAPE THE FAITH2062C FownesTT-/SR11047113
    29212/14AWT-16504GDHAPPY JOURNEY5060L HoTT /V1062131
    29010/14TURFA+312003GCROWN AVENUE1068C H YipSR11138124
    28909/14TURFA+312004GCURLING LUXURY2052Y S Tsui977126
    28711/14TURFA+316005GRED HORSE1040C H YipB11168131
    28609/14TURFA+312005GALL TIMES LUCKY12016L HoXB1051111
    14/12/2016  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 4 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 1 )
    26704/12TURFC16503GFSUNNY WIN2070L HoTT /B1211123
    26610/12TURFC16503GFINDUSTRIALIST WAY12069C H YipTT1204120
    26512/12TURFC12003GFSTARTLING POWER2067T K NgB1076120
    26407/12TURFC16504GFRISING POWER4040C W ChangXB1105114
    26103/11TURFC12005GFTREASURE AND GOLD8034C H YipTT /H1144126
    26009/10TURFC22004GFGO SANDY GO9044D J HallB-1118115
    11/12/2016  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    25811/14TURFA12002GSUPER LEADER1081C H Yip1124116
    25206/14TURFA14003GCAREFREE LET GO9061C S ShumTT /B1064113
    25114/14TURFA18003GPACKING GENIUS14078L HoH-980129
    25005/14TURFA12003GGO BABY GO11075C H Yip1109126
    07/12/2016  Happy Valley
    24908/12TURFB18002GFDIVINE BOY9090Y S Tsui1067122
    24609/11TURFB12004GFVICTOR EMPEROR4046C H YipTT1145117
    24207/12TURFB10003GFMR RIGHT12061L HoH/P1217111
    24103/12TURFB16505GFFRESH AND FRESH10016L HoTT /V1070112
    04/12/2016  Sha Tin
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    24012/12AWT-12002GDFLYING TOURBILLON5085P F YiuB/XB1118120
    23911/14TURFC+314003GFEXCEL ONESELF10060Y S TsuiH1142111
    23813/14AWT-16503GDSEE ME NOW12064K W LuiTT /XB947115
    23713/13TURFC+314004GFHARMONY PARTNERS14042D CruzTT1/B1095113
    23505/14AWT-16504GDCONSISTENT10041T P YungH964112
    23409/12AWT-12004GDHIT A HOME RUN12051D J Hall1104122
    23310/12TURFC+312004GFCURLING LUXURY12052Y S Tsui981121
    23207/14AWT-18005GDMIZZEN GREY5025T K NgB1059116
    30/11/2016  Happy Valley
    Jockey Challenge Points : 0 ( Win 0 2nd 0 3rd 0 )
    23012/12TURFA12003GCELESTIAL NOVA5080C S ShumTT1142131
    22912/12TURFA18003GAMAZING GOLD6076L HoH1005128
    22811/12TURFA12003GGOLDEN DEER12061T P YungB1133114
    22709/12TURFA18004GEXCELLENCE9042A LeeTT /H/PC1031114
    22611/12TURFA12004GGREAT SKY9059L Ho1177131
    22510/12TURFA12004GEASTERN PROWESS6052L HoH/XB1023123
    22407/12TURFA16505GVIVACIOUS WINNER7027D Cruz1186116
    22310/12TURFA12005GALL TIMES LUCKY3018L HoXB1050111