Race Meeting: 27/04/2003  Sha Tin


RACE 8(560)
HK$ 14,000,000.00
 Race Replay   
Going : Good To Firm
Course : Turf - "A" Course
Race Time : (26.50)(52.70)(1.17.70)(1.41.20)(2.03.80)
Sectional Time : 26.5026.2025.0023.5022.60

Horse No.
Actual Wt.
Horse Wt.
Win Odds
1 1EISHIN PRESTON (CB616) Y Fukunaga S Kitahashi 126103712.03.802.4
2 13ELEGANT FASHION (CC190) G Mosse D A Hayes 122107761-3/4
3 2PAOLINI (CC628) E Pedroza A Wohler 1261110122  2.04.1012
4 10RIVER DANCER (CC109) R Fradd J Size 126101472-1/2
5 8RED PEPPER (CA196) G Schofield P C Kan 1261002102-3/4  2.04.3032
6 5HOUSEMASTER (BV115) W C Marwing I W Allan 126110823-1/4  2.04.3017
7 9SELF FLIT (CB322) W M Lai I W Allan 126119093-1/4  2.04.3017
8 11GIFT (CB246) S Dye J Size 126108745-1/4  2.04.6048
9 12VISORHILL (CB254) F Coetzee I W Allan 126111385-1/4  2.04.6033
10 3PRECISION (CA209) D Whyte D Oughton 1261122115-3/4  2.04.7010
11 6HELENE VITALITY (CA030) D Dunn D A Hayes 126101436-3/4  2.04.8073
12 7COME SEE YOU (CA368) C Williams I W Allan 126105559-3/4  2.05.3099
WX 4EVENTUAIL (CC633) A Marcus G Woodruff 1261124--- ---   --- ---
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Winning Combination
Dividend (HK$)
WIN1 24.50
PLACE1 13.00
13 13.50
2 23.00
QUINELLA1,13 51.50
1,2 50.50
2,13 105.50
TIERCE1,13,2 426.00
TRIO1,2,13 152.00
7TH DOUBLE1/1 29.00
1/13 11.00
Race Running Position Photos

Racing Incident Report
An inquiry was today held into EVENTUAIL being withdrawn by order of the Stewards from this race. Evidence was today taken from Mr S Jell, assistant trainer to Mr G Woodruff, the trainer of EVENTUAIL. Evidence was also taken from Dr K L Watkins, Senior Veterinary Surgeon, and Dr T S M Wan, Senior Racing Chemist. The evidence disclosed the Hong Kong Jockey Club's Department of Veterinary Regulation and International Liaison received on 15 April 2003 written advice from Dr Herbert A Wright, Veterinary Surgeon, that EVENTUAIL had been administered an intra-articular methylprednisolone acetate injection (100 mg) on 4 April 2003 while the horse was stabled in Dubai. Dr Watkins advised the inquiry on receipt of this advice, having considered the dose, route of administration and a conversation he had with Dr Wan, he formed the opinion it was possible the methylprednisolone would have cleared the system of EVENTUAIL prior to today's race and he therefore did not advise against the horse travelling to Hong Kong from Dubai on 17 April 2003. Further Dr Watkins said he did not advise the connections of EVENTUAIL or any other parties of any possible concerns in relation to the horse having been administered methylprednisolone. As was yesterday advised, urine samples taken from EVENTUAIL immediately following its arrival at the isolation stables in Hong Kong on 17 April 2003, again on the morning of 25 April 2003 and on the morning of 26 April 2003 were reported by Dr Wan to have been found upon analysis to contain methylprednisolone. Acting on Dr Wan's opinion that it was most unlikely the substance would be cleared from EVENTUAIL's system prior to today's race the horse was withdrawn by order of the Stewards. Mr Jell accepted the analyst's findings in relation to the presence of methylprednisolone in the urine samples taken from EVENTUAIL and also accepted methylprednisolone, which is a corticosteroid, is a prohibited substance under the Rules of Racing of The Hong Kong Jockey Club. There was no evidence to suggest that EVENTUAIL was subjected to any administration of methylprednisolone after 4 April 2003. Dr Watkins accepted that the declared administration of methylprednisolone could explain the analyst's findings. He agreed that the time from the administration of methylprednisolone to EVENTUAIL to today's race was inside the Club's internal suggested withdrawal time for the substance. The Stewards were satisfied Mr Woodruff had fulfilled his obligation by ensuring the Club had been notified of the administration of methylprednisolone to EVENTUAIL prior to the horse travelling to Hong Kong. Therefore no action was taken against Mr Woodruff. A transcript of today's proceedings will be forwarded to the Executive Director, Racing for his consideration and any action he considers appropriate. VISORHILL began awkwardly. Making the turn out of the Straight on the first occasion, ELEGANT FASHION and HELENE VITALITY were momentarily crowded for room inside the heels of PAOLINI (E Pedroza) which shifted in when barely clear. E Pedroza was advised to exercise more care. Turning out of the Straight on the first occasion, VISORHILL was awkwardly placed close to the heels of GIFT and tight inside PRECISION. In the early and middle stages, SELF FLIT and PAOLINI proved difficult to settle. At the 1600 Metres, HOUSEMASTER, which was proving difficult to settle, got its head up and was checked when close to the heels of HELENE VITALITY. VISORHILL, which was following, was checked in consequence. Near the 1500 Metres, ELEGANT FASHION was carried wider when EISHIN PRESTON shifted out from a position on the rail to the outside of COME SEE YOU. Near the 800 Metres, HOUSEMASTER bumped the running rail and became unbalanced. At the 800 Metres, EISHIN PRESTON was crowded for room by ELEGANT FASHION which got its head on the side and momentarily shifted in. RIVER DANCER, which was following EISHIN PRESTON, got its head up when being steadied away from the heels of that horse as a consequence. Over the final 200 Metres, PAOLINI was inclined to shift out. Because of this, E Pedroza changed the whip into his left hand. PAOLINI, EISHIN PRESTON and ELEGANT FASHION were sent for sampling.

Breed of the Winning Horse-Online
Sire: Green Dancer
Dam: Warranty Applied

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