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Web Security Tips for HKJC Customers
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Good security practices can help you surf the HKJC website and access your HKJC account safely. Please read the following security tips on how to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

Protect your computers and mobile devices

Check the security of your computer and mobile devices

  • Always use the latest version of the operating system, browser and the HKJC mobile application (App).
  • Do not jailbreak or root your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Avoid using public computers or public Wi-Fi to access HKJC web services.
  • Set difficult-to-guess passwords for your computer and mobile phone. Activate the auto-lock function.

Protect your login credentials

Please ensure your login credentials such as your Betting account number, Login name, Password/Security code and other personal information are secure at all times. Be aware of your surrounding area to ensure that no one is watching or listening while you key in or read out sensitive information for verification.

To protect yourself and your login credentials from fraud, please note these simple precautions

  • Set a Password/Security code that is difficult to guess and is different from the ones that you use for other services.
  • The Login name and Password/Security code should never be stored on computers, mobile phones or written and left in places that can be viewed by others.

Stay away from viruses, trojans and spyware

Viruses are computer programs that steal personal information, take over your PC, and display unwanted adverts. They can even use your computer to attack other people's computers.

A Trojan horse is a type of virus that is a computer program masquerading as another program.

Spyware is software that monitors and records your Internet behavior without your knowledge or informed consent. This allows criminals to analyse your Internet activities (potentially your activities on the HKJC website).

To protect yourself from viruses, Trojans and spyware

  • Install and update your security software promptly.
  • Do not download or open doubtful files, browse suspicious websites, or click on the hyperlinks and attachments from questionable sources (e.g. emails, instant messaging, SMS messages, QR codes).
  • Download and upgrade your mobile application (App) from official App Stores or HKJC websites (HKJC Customer eCentre [cc.hkjc.com] or m.hkjc.com).

Recognise phishing emails

Scammers may use various means such as fake emails, pop-up ads, text messages and phone calls to trick you into sharing personal information, such as your betting account Password/Security code or credit card information.

One of the most common phishing scams are fraudulent emails/SMS messages that claim to be from a well-known company (like the HKJC). These often link to fake (spoof) websites where your information can be collected if you type in it.

A phishing email can be identified by the following:

  • It bears an email address that is incorrect or does not match the name of the company.
  • It asks you to click on a mismatched web link or open an attachment for more information.
  • It contains typos, bad grammar or poor design.
  • It asks you to do something unusual.
  • It does not display the padlock symbol in the address bar when you log on.

The genuine emails from HKJC are coming from @hkjc.org.hk only. If you are in doubt with emails that claim to be issued by the HKJC, you may contact us for verification.

Recognise fake calls

Scammers may also spoof phone numbers and use flattery and threats to pressure you into giving them information.

How to react to a suspicious phone call or voicemail

  • Always verify the caller's identity before you provide any personal information. If you are in doubt about phone calls that claim to be originating from HKJC, you may contact us for verification.

What HKJC will NOT do

HKJC will never ask you to

  • Provide credit card information for betting purposes, or
  • Provide personal information such as Password/Security code, bank or credit card information via emails or phone calls.

Do not disclose your sensitive personal information

  • If you receive any emails or SMS messages that claim to be issued by the HKJC, or phone calls from someone claiming to be from the HKJC asking you to provide personal information, you may call our Customer Care hotline (852) 1817 or email us at customer.care@hkjc.com to verify the message or caller's identity. If you find the emails / SMS messages to be suspicious, please report this to us immediately and do not forward or reply to the message.

Do not access HKJC services via unreliable means

  • Do not log into the HKJC website through hyperlinks or QR Code embedded in any third-party websites, mobile apps, emails or SMS messages. You may either type the URL of the websites such as www.hkjc.com, bet.hkjc.com, cc.hkjc.com or www.hkjcpriority.com etc. at a newly open browser to log into your account directly, or bookmark the websites for future access.
  • Using a HKJC mobile application (App) is also a safe alternative.