World Cup Campaign

A large-scale territory-wide “Enjoy the Game, Say No to Gambling” publicity campaign is organised by the Ping Wo Fund and Home Affairs Bureau and co-organised by the Hong Kong Police Force, in the run-up to 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The campaign aims to publicise the scourge of addiction to gambling and share the fun and joy of playing football with members of the public. It is consisted of a series of district and territory-wide activities such as debating competition, carnival, game to break Guinness world record, football matches, etc. in which members of the public may participate free-of-charge.

Public education programmes

Through Ping Wo Fund Sponsorship Scheme and Ping Wo Fund School Project Grants, myriad education initiatives have been organised by 140 community organisations and schools to disseminate messages on the prevention of problem gambling, reaching over four million participants. Meanwhile, Ping Wo Fund has since 2003 sponsored the production of docu-drama built on real-life experiences to promulgate the negative impact of problem gambling on the gamblers, their families and the community in general.

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