Released in December 2022, the latest study commissioned by the Ping Wo Fund [whose major sponsor is The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“Club”)] and conducted by the University of Hong Kong on Hong Kong people’s participation in gambling activities showed a marked drop in the rate of youth gambling prevalence – the rate dropped to 15.9% in 2021, from 21.8% in 2016 and 34% in 2005.

Despite the drop in youth gambling, there is no let-up in the Club’s longstanding campaign to steer children and the youth away from addictive behaviours, including gambling. In today’s fast-paced and complex world, together with mobile phones and other tech devices within easy reach of children and the youth, they are particularly prone to online and gaming addiction, which can serve as a gateway to the more serious problem of underage gambling. Besides, incorrigible online and gaming habits developed during the pandemic to stave off boredom and excessive time at home are hard to break. This makes the Club’s campaign to foster children and the youth’s personal growth and steer them away from addictions, which is a major focus of its responsible gambling work, all the more important. With children and the youth consuming knowledge and imbibing skills at a much faster pace, we believe that preventive education shall start young. Good habits formed at an early stage will often last for life.

While education against addictions can take different forms, the Club strives for a comprehensive programme which aims to nurture the whole development of children and the youth. We believe in equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate life at different stages, so that they can grow into positive, healthy, righteous and responsible individuals and stay away from addictions. These include fostering positive mindset, healthy living, effective time management and prudent financial planning skills as well as cyber wellness.


With this in mind, the Club has launched two innovative school-based educational programmes to help students develop healthy habits and prepare for the future.

Launched in the 2023/24 academic year and using attractive cartoon animations, comics, board games and other creative tools, the two programmes – FiNet Mind Programme and Mighty Mind Wellness Programme – target secondary and primary students respectively.

With the internet widely used by students for education and entertainment, “netiquette” is a major focus of both programmes which teach students the necessary skills to guard against online pitfalls like leakage of personal data, cyber bullying and addiction.

Downloadable online, the education resources of both programmes are free for use by all students, teachers and parents.

FiNet Mind Programme for Secondary School Students

Co-organised with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the three-year FiNet Mind Programme targets secondary one to four students. Using interesting animations, learning decks and other interactive tools, the programme teaches students internet safety tips and financial planning skills.

Students, parents and teachers are most welcome to use the Chinese animation segments below for education purpose.

Mighty Mind Wellness Programme for Primary School Students

Co-organised with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (Youth & Family Unit) and School Heads Association, the three-year Mighty Mind Wellness Programme targets primary four to six students. A major highlight of the programme is a captivating comic book created by renowned local illustrator Chocolate Rain. Portraying a beautiful school inhabited by a cast of lively animal, vegetable and human students and teachers, the book explains how to develop healthy habits in a fun and imaginative way. Other engaging educational resources include mini-games and board game.

Parents and teachers are welcome to download the Chinese learning materials below and have inspiring sessions with students at school or home.

Chocolate Rain Comic Book for Students

Download pdf

Chocolate Rain Comic Book for Teachers (with Teaching Instructions)

Download pdf

Chocolate Rain Teacher Guidebook

Download pdf

Mini-game 1 on Cyber Literacy and Security

Download pdf

Mini-game 2 on Social Skills

Download pdf

Mini-game 3 on Emotional Management Skills

Download pdf

Mini-game 4 on Time Management Skills

Download pdf

Mini-game 5 on Financial Management Skills

Download pdf

Board Game on Healthy Lifestyle

Download pdf

For children and youth education, we firmly believe in the power of collaborative, multi-system approaches that actively involve parents, schools, the community and other key stakeholders. We invite you to join hands with us and stay tuned for more programmes to come!

Schools and parents interested in joining the two programmes are welcome to email Ms Lisa YEUNG at